Pumpkin for winter — recipes

Garbuz for the winter - recepti

Doing preparations for the winter, do not pay attention to all the pumpkin, perhaps, dietary vegetable.

But once the people this product called «mini-pharmacy», so healing the biochemical composition of this culture.

And not only useful pumpkin seeds or a decoction of flesh – even simple meals, cooked pumpkin (soups, cereals, salads, pancakes), contribute to the human body, proteins, organic acids, mineral substances.

As the carotene contained in the product, it is advisable to put the body throughout the year.

Pumpkin for winter storage

In the store lay only Mature fruits. They must be completely healthy, without diseases and pests.

Stored for a long time will not and pumpkins, which received mechanical damage.

Bookmark send well dried the fruits. Storage of pumpkins is best to install in cellar shelves with spacious shelves. They spread the vegetables with the stalk upwards.

The fruits are located one next to each other so that they do not touch each other.

If the store to maintain a temperature within +5° ÷ +10°C, the pumpkin will be able to «survive» in good condition for at least six months. And until the next harvest on your table always there will be tasty dishes.

Pumpkin for winter — pickled

Nutritious pumpkin, canned marinade. The blockage is well-ripened flesh. It was cut into cubes of 2 cm, blanch for 10 minutes and cooled under running water.

The principle of the canning pumpkins for the winter standard: banks put spices (cloves, allspice, cinnamon) and pumpkin slices, pour all the marinade and put in a water bath for sterilization.

But cooking pouring should be given special attention. We will proceed based on-liter jar: — it holds about 350 ml of the marinade (at dense packing of pumpkin pulp).

In boiling water add sugar -100 g (per 1 can) and boil for 12-15 min. the Syrup cool slightly and strain through cheesecloth, folded in 3 layers. Bring to boil again and add 4.5 m with 80% acetic acid. Banks with pumpkin pour boiling marinade.

Dried pumpkin for winter

If it is not possible to keep a pumpkin fresh (for lack of a cellar, for example), it can be dry. And then to prepare powdered medicinal teas, and also add it to other dishes. Store the pumpkin seed powder in a sealed dry banks.

First, the pulp is blanched in salted water. Then placed on a metal sieve and dried in the oven: first 2 hours at a temperature of 60°C for another half hour – at a temperature of 75°C. When slices cool, they need to pass through a meat grinder.

Other variations of the winter pieces of pumpkinto make a sweet and a piece of pumpkin for the winter. They certainly will not remain without attention of the kids.

Jam. The flesh of the pumpkin to boil in a little water until tender, then rubbed through a sieve. To this add applesauce (same amount) and heated the mixture on low heat for about half an hour, powdering the sugar (600 g of a mixture of 300 g of sugar). Then add citric acid (2.5 g) and the second half of the sugar. 15 min boil and Packed in banks.

The candied fruit. For their preparation cubes of pumpkin pulp (blanched) boil the syrup: 1 kg of pumpkin, you need 1.5 cups of water, 1.2 kg of sugar, 3 g citric acid. Cook in 3 stages: 15 min on the fire and 10 hours

Garbuz for the winter - recepti


At the last boiling add vanilla (0.05 g). Ready candied recline on a colander to drain excess moisture (this will take 2 hours).

Dry in the oven (at 40°C) for 20 minutes, slices of pumpkin dip them in sugar and dried up within a day at room temperature. You can then protect the banks.

And the pumpkin itself can become a container for the preservation of other vegetables. For example, in saline pumpkin cucumbers acquire a surprisingly spicy taste.

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