Puansetiya — care at home


Poinsettia – very pretty houseplant, the peak of flowering which occurs in winter time, which causes more interest on the part of growers.

It belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae, therefore, has another common name another name – Euphorbia beautiful.

The poinsettia is an evergreen shrub 40-50 cm (natural varieties reach a height of 1.2 m), is directly oriented hollow stems and large shaped leaves, pointed at the ends.

In the flowering period (lasting from 2 to 6 months) decorated with yellowish inflorescences with red, pink and white bracts.

The poinsettias in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

For flower you need a lot of light, so it is recommended to put the pot in the brightest space in the apartment.

In response to insufficient coverage of the poinsettias in the home can respond to defoliation. Also, protect plants from the effects of direct sunlight.


The plant is extremely vulnerable to cold temperatures because in winter do not buy a flower on the street!

As for the temperature of the contents in the flowering period, it should be at least +16. At the same time is not allowed the effect on plant dry superheated air.

Sudden changes in temperature adversely affect the flower, resulting in defoliation. The most favorable for the growth temperature is from +18 to +25ºC.

Watering and humidity

In the summer you should water the flower regularly and abundantly with a purpose to compensate for the typical for this time of intense evaporation.

In winter, watering poinsettias at home should be carried out moderately. During flowering you need to keep the soil in a moderately wet condition and regularly spray the plant with warm water.

Avoid excessive soil moisture. This can cause root rot and the eventual death of the flower.

Fertilizer poinsettias

For the plants best suited to complex mineral fertilizer, which is necessary to make the soil from spring to autumn. Frequency of feeding – 2 times per month.

During flowering, some growers are advised to apply potassium fertilizers, while others are of the opinion that during this period, fertilizer use does not make sense.

Transplant reproduction

Poinsettias propagated exclusively by cuttings. Propagation of plants using seed as it occurs in nature is impossible, since seeds at home is relatively difficult to obtain.

When choosing a handle you need to take into account that its length should be not less than 7 cm They usually cut off new shoots, or choose the most appropriate instance from remote when thinning plants.

After harvesting, the cuttings of poinsettias placed in warm water for a short time in order to stack a milky juice. Then planted in pots, covering with plastic wrap.

In a month leaves appear, and for the final establishment and formation of the lush Bush, the tops of seedlings pinch.

Keep in mind that the plant is poisonous and can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, carefully ensure that the parts of the flower fell into the hands of children and be careful when handling the plant.

Pests of poinsettias and methods of dealing with them

White coating on leaves may be due to Botrytis, which is corrected by removing the affected parts of the plants and further airing.

In the case of total destruction the disease should be treated with the poinsettias fundazol.

Furthermore, the maintenance of the apartment in the winter too superheated air can cause the appearance of mealybug, characterized by lesions of the white cotton-like leaves tinged with the sugary excretions and

Puansetiya - care at home

the appearance of sooty fungus.

To eliminate disease necessary to treat the infested leaves with a cotton swab soaked with alcohol to remove mealybugs nests, and if the extent of injury is treated with actellic or decis.

The reason for the yellowing leaves of poinsettias can be caused by the activities of red spider mite.

Eliminated this problem with spraying with a solution of soap, and in extreme cases, the plants treated with actellic.

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