Pruning raspberries

Pruning raspberries

Whatever planting material for propagation of the raspberry is not used (seedling, cutting), always around the main branches grows a lot of shoots.

These are the same high-grade descendants, and eventually they will bear fruit. But the more, the worse the yield of the Bush.

That is, the lateral growth is a kind of weed, with which gardeners have to «fight». And this struggle is the annual pruning of the raspberry.

Pruning raspberries in spring

To perform this work necessary in the spring, and to cut off unnecessary branches to the lower living kidney. On the Bush it is recommended to leave no more than 20 fruit-bearing branches (equally last year and the young shoots).

In the spring (just after snowmelt) and carry out sanitary pruning raspberries. Its goal is the removal of shoots that have not suffered a winter.

The same pruning is carried out and during the whole active period, if the Bush appeared diseased branches (affected by viruses, broken).

This is to ensure that they are not pulling power to the detriment of healthy shoots and did not affect the decreased yield.

In addition in the autumn, after the fruiting period, is carried out cleaning of the shrub by trimming the two-year shoots. Biology culture is such that every platonos can give a yield of not more than 2 years in a row.

In other words, the older branches barren. So they are 3-year life become an obstacle to the development of the Bush. Remove these shoots must be ruthlessly at the root, without leaving even Penkov.

With those shoots that remain in creating a crop of raspberries, in fact, formed a Bush.

This work is carried out in early June and includes cutting the tops of centimeters on 5. The optimum height of the Bush needs to be maintained in the order of 80-100 cm

Sometimes there is a reason to conduct additional pruning raspberries (shortening) fruit-bearing shoots before you wrap the hive for the winter. But this need arises only in those regions where the cold of winter.

But remontant varieties of raspberries before the onset of cold weather clipped all without exception. Should be only a six-inch hemp, which in winter should be good to wrap up.

All sections of the place on the branches of the raspberries it is desirable to spray disinfectant means to avoid plant diseases.

Strong cuttings, obtained as a result of pruning raspberries, can be used as

pruning raspberries

planting material (except for shoots everbearing varieties).

Start pruning the bushes is not desirable, the raspberry patch is overgrown very quickly.

And this, in turn, decreases the ability of plants to harvest.

While varietal culture without proper care can degenerate into wild plants, losing all their breeding characteristics.

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