Pruning raspberries in the fall

Pruning raspberries in the fall

In the fall, approximately three weeks before the start of the cold weather necessary to trim the raspberries.

Before doing this you need to carefully examine the bushes and to determine which stems can be left until next season and which to cut. Autumn necessarily need to remove:— old, has Platonova shoots, including diseased and damaged tissue;

— young, but weak stems, which will be difficult to overwinter;

two — year shoots that bore fruit two seasons in a row. They will not be able to bear much fruit, but it will take nutrients in young plants;

— all unnecessary or broken stems that thicken the Bush.

Cut off the stems of raspberries have as close to the ground, trying not to leave even stumps. The optimal distance that should be between the neighboring bushes of is not less than 60 cm.

If the plants grow too much, some shoots cut down with a shovel. To do this, the tip of the shovel several times to stick on a circle in the ground, retreating from the main raspberry Bush about twenty centimeters, after which obkapyvayut the ground outside the circle. This way you have to handle all the bushes.

After the autumn pruning should leave about ten raspberry shoots per meter of raspberry bushes, it is connected with fast growth.

In the autumn pruning is also everbearing raspberry. All you need to cut the stems at a height of 10 cm from the ground.

Also in preparation for the winter the treated bushes need to carry out disinfectant spraying, and remote branches to remove from the garden and burn.

The above method is the autumn crop of raspberries is more suitable for a snowy winter, if the region is dominated by a winter with low rainfall, there is another way of trimming.

The procedure is the same as in the first method, but after working in the center area is set to fence and a well strengthened to not let the winter wind.

This design will help to hold the snow from blowing in open areas and during the winter on the ground accumulate a fairly large snow drifts, which protect the raspberries from freezing.

Pruning raspberries in the fall

In addition, in areas where winter very little snow, raspberries you can not trim at all, and just tie the twine in the form of sheaves and bend to the ground. This design helps to hold the snow.

If every year not to cut the raspberries in the spring or autumn, then within a year the raspberry patch will resemble a jungle.

With each the root of a plant over the summer in appropriate weather conditions, can grow up to 20 new shoots.

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