Pruning plums – features of formation of the trees

Pruning plums

One of the stages of care for plum trees pruning is crown.

In this culture it is somewhat peculiar, and has a number of features.

Plum refers to a stone that develop faster if pome.

There are also differences and generative formations.

Plum differs from other cultures and structure of the crown – its shape is more rounded.

When pruning plums, be sure to consider the types of fruiting. And in this culture, they are 3:

  • — fruit only shoots that have appeared in the past year;
  • — benefits are tied to years of overgrown branches;
  • — mixed type when podonosma there are annuals, perennials.


The specificity of trimming of the crown plum

So, pruning of the crown of each tree plums are suitable, depending on the nature of fruiting:

The first group with annual shoots is characterized by the naked branches.

Fruit buds are shifted closer to the periphery. Here, the purpose of pruning is to maintain shoot growth.

For the second type is characterized by a large fruiting education Sparrow (small shoots).

First, the tree will produce abundant crops, but after 3 can get sick from exhaustion.It is therefore necessary to limit such generative education by means of trimming.

Have a mixed type of fruiting the purpose of pruning is to remove branches bare and stimulate the growth of remaining shoots.

Feature varietal pruning plum

From varieties of plums depends on how to form a crown.

In srednebelaya plants the crop will be somewhat different than slabovidyaschih or strongly ramified of vysokosov.

Improved-tiered crown is formed from slabovidyaschih varieties. Tree leave 6 to 8 main branches.

With 4 of them are in the lower tier (at a distance of 3 buds), 2 are located in the middle of a 60 cm above the bottom. The top is crowned with a single branch.

Sparsely-tier crown is more suitable for srednebelaya trees. Includes 3 tiers of branches: in their bottom 3, average – 2, in the top 1-2.

The distance between the layers should be about 70 cm the skeletal branches are pruned using the rule of subordination. All growth from the trunk is removed.

Besharova Krona characteristic of tall trees with strong branching.

Skeletal branches grow haphazardly – alone. The focus of this

Pruning plums

the case pay to the Central conductor to shorten it need to be done annually in the spring.

There is another kind of crown is bowl-shaped. But it is not popular with gardeners and is formed only in the case where it is difficult to determine with the Central conductor of the young plant.

You have reached the desired crown shape, in the future deal only with plums regulate, rejuvenate and sanitary.

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