Pruning pears

Pruning pears

The yield of fruit trees depends on the applied agricultural techniques.

And one of the stages of care of garden crops is pruning.

This allows you to influence almost all physiological processes in fruit trees (up to immunity to diseases).

Pruning pears

The procedure itself is divided into 2 types: proper pruning of pear trees, reducing branches, and thinning, when some of the branches removed.

In the first case, cut off part of the branches grown during the year. This increases the number of lateral shoots, and the branch becomes thicker. This shortening of the crown makes it more durable.

The objective of the thinning – removing excess shoots. But they should not cut at the very root» — leave a small ledge above the crust. It is necessary that the pear was not sick.

When pruning pears are conducting the formation of the crown. And there are a number of features depending on the type of fruit culture.

In pome fruit trees which include pear, the Central stem should be thicker and higher skeletal branches.

Thus it is necessary to consider the peculiarity of the structure of the pears – the «communication» of the leader (Central trunk) skeletal branches are much stronger than other fruit trees.

If the young tree (or sapling), the center conductor rises to 30-40 centimeters (others pome this option less).

It should be removed completely too thin boughs and those that are rejected at an angle of not more than 400.

If the pear is over 10 years old to shorten all skeletal branches do not have – only those that a year is too much stretched.

And a crown in the pear cut is possible not often, due to the peculiarities of this culture of shoots on the tree weak branches, though, and give a big boost.

In older trees is dropping the ability to bear fruit. And in this period completely stops the growth of branches (regardless of the degree of care culture).

The aging process can be slowed down with the rejuvenating pruning of the pear. For this skeleton the branches should be significantly reduced to almost half their length.

In regions where winters are moderate, thinning is best done more often. In areas with cold climates to help growers comes in nature, of «shaping»

pruning pears

in its own way the skeleton of a pear.

Due to the strong cold weak kidneys themselves freeze. And shoots will only «survivors» («dormant»).

These offshoots are called wackowiki. They also need to pay attention: growing uncomfortable cut, shorten others, turning them into anti-fouling and skeletal branches.

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