Pruning peach – especially spring and autumn cropping


Pruning peach

In order to harvest peach was the most rich, need pruning.

In this care the plant receives the required amount of light, which in turn affects the amount of future harvest and its quality.

Pruning peach is held annually.

What to consider when pruning

Because nutrients are predominantly over the trunk and its branches, it is best to shape the Bush. This approach will help the branches to the light in the right for a peach number.

If a young tree, trimming peach should focus on the formation of the crown. The procedure is performed in the spring, during the shortening of the shoots need to try to form the shape of the bowl.

To fruiting was abundant, you need to grow strong branches, which will be the future fruit-bearing shoots.

The fruit will only grow on those branches, which from one to three years. That’s why before every grower is to ensure a stable growth of young shoots.

Bowl-shaped crown is typical to have 3 to 4 Central branches that come from one point. Between them should be maintained angle of 90-120°.

Improved formation of the bowl suggests the presence of branches at a distance of 15 to 20 cm from each other. According to some gardeners, this stem much stronger.

In addition, the crown is well ventilated and gets a lot of light, which greatly affects the taste and size of fruits.

It is considered that the peach grows only a few years, and then dries up. This view is mistaken, because the secret of longevity of the tree is the proper farming techniques.

If the sapling more than three years, the pruning of peach is done by shortening branches by 1/3. The total length of the branches should not exceed 50 cm.

When laying the second row of the left branch of the first order in the amount of up to three pieces. The distance between them should be about 50 cm.

From the trunk the first shoots are arranged with a pitch of up to 45 cm Moderate pruning overgrown branches need. But first remove those that grow inside the tree. If escape is long, it is cut to 30 cm.

To stimulate the growth of lateral branches by using pridobivanje the top escape.

After the crop is harvested, have another crop of peach – autumn. The implementation period lasts from the first days of September until half of October.

During this period, it is possible to carry out sanitary pruning, which includes removing sick and dead branches. Rejuvenating pruning is necessary to remove damaged twigs.

For fruiting, you can perform the regulating pruning. Removed fruiting branches on which fruiting decreased, to prevent exposing a skeletal branches.

Branches are pruned to the point where they begin to grow young shoots. In the future they will contribute

Pruning peach

the formation of new crown. Annual pruning promotes growth of shoots in length from 50 to 60 cm.

View trimming peach does not start, you should place slices obscure garden pitch, clay or paint. You can also buy a special product for healing of the cut on the tree.

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