Pruning grapes

Pruning grapes

Pruning grapes is an important farming techniques in the care of the vine.

By trimming vine impart the desired size and shape favorable for the cultivation, convenient for ripening and harvest.

Young bushes up to 4 years of age is cut for the production of basic multi-part bearing the fruit of the vine.

Adult bushes help regulate fruiting crop in the current season, removing damaged and outdated parts of the plant.

If during the growing season of the grape Bush develop weak with short internodes and shoots a large number of small clusters, it must be concluded that Bush was overloaded.

On these bushes it is necessary to conduct strong autumn pruning grapes, leaving less vines, buds and remove part of the clusters.

If on the contrary, vines carries too thick stems with long internodes (up to 15cm), so the Bush underutilized and autumn pruning can be reduced.

At the annual autumn trimming bushes of grapes is applied to a large number of wounds that can weaken the plant and even death. To avoid this damaging effects of the RAS can reduce follow the basic rules:

  • 1. All cuts should be on the same side, in this case disrupted the normal SAP flow of the undercut parts of the Bush.
  • 2. At the annual branches sections is performed according to the knot, cutting it in half.
  • 3. Complete removal of damaged annual shoots need to be cut off at the base, leaving stumps. Many years were cut from the stump, leaving 3 cm, but the following year it was removed.
  • 4. Use a sharp tool that cuts were smooth. When pruning cutting blade of the pruning shears pay remains part of the vine.

 Pruning young vines

Young plants of grapes should be cut short, as it weakens the root system and the ground part. When planting seedlings developed it is desirable to leave two shoots on each cutting 2-3 buds.

For the second year in the formation of the Bush should be cut 4-5 holes, remove only the weak shoots.

Pruning grapes

The third year begin to form many years part, giving the desired shape of the Bush.

In the fourth year of the grape Bush form 4 fruit link.

Each two-year-old vine choose 2 best escape, the lower ones are cut into 4 points, and the top 8 points.

The formation of 4 bag shape of the Bush ends.

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