Pruning grapes in autumn

Pruning grapes in autumn

The autumn crop of grapes is more preferred as it gives the opportunity to better shelter the vineyard for the winter and protect it from frost.

In the spring to take care of trimmed Bush is much easier, and by the autumn it gives us more berries.

Best pruning grapes in autumn, carried out in two stages, to ensure that next year’s fruiting was left fully ripened vines.

In the first stage after all harvesting branches to clear the links, which have finished fruiting, weak volchkovich shoots and branches that interfere with the shrub to develop.

The main pruning of the vineyard for winter should start in about 2 weeks after leaf fall.

To this period of the nutrients from young twigs go into a long part and also in the root.

Even if you will be freezing, for under a trellis of vines, it’s not scary. Grapevine pruning must be carried out at an ambient temperature of not lower than -3 degrees, so as not to break the shoots.

Young bushes are usually cut without difficulty, excess shoots are removed every year that they were formed in a specific pattern. For fruiting leave from three to eight sleeves that are at an angle to the ground.

With a long vine, especially if he has never circumcised you’ll get more work. Proper pruning will allow to put in order even the most neglected of the bushes and increase the yield. The procedure of trimming:

1. In the early autumn of young the sleeves should remove the branches that formed the lower wire, stretched at a distance of 50 cm from the surface of the earth.

2. Have shoots that grow above the next wire (30 cm from the first) you need to remove the top 10% of the total length of all shoots on the sides.

3. After leaf fall grapes (in October) it is necessary to allocate two of the most powerful escape at the level of the bottom two wires.

4. The first branch is cut, leaving a 3 – 4 points. This forms a knot of substitution.

5. The opposite branch growing above, are cut, leaving it 5 to 12 points and forming fruit arrow. The number of cells usually made equal to the diameter of the stem plus 2-3 spare, hedging in case of freezing.

Pruning grapes in autumn

6. Thus, the Bush should leave only the most powerful guns located at an angle of 90 degrees to the ground (trunk) and sleeves with the kidneys, which next year will produce new shoots from the fruiting brush.

7. Left after the autumn pruning of the branches of the grapes must be laid in the direction of growth of the vine (removing from the trellis) to attach to the ground and cover with a sheet (or film).

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