Pruning gooseberries in the autumn

Pruning gooseberries in the autumn

One of the hardiest crops grown in the gardens can be called the gooseberry.

Despite the fact that the care of shrubs is complicated by the presence on the branches of numerous spines, the fruits are very popular.

The gooseberry is especially valuable in dietary.

Features of gooseberry

The gooseberry is a perennial plant, a Bush five feet tall. With proper pruning its diameter should be about 2 m.

The roots of plants deposited in the soil is not very deep. But this does not prevent the shoots to odrevesnevshie. Zero shoots like any of the Bush grow from the roots. But only in the Bush is formed by up to 6 orders of branching.

Mushrooming cuttings begin to form from the second year after planting. And to harvest each such branch may, within 4 years.

Pruning gooseberries in the autumn

A clear scheme of formation of the gooseberry Bush does not exist. Therefore, any pruning of gooseberries in the autumn will carry the main goal – not to bring up the full exposure of the shrub. This strong shoots are pruned to 6 buds developed.


In addition, the care culture has the following objectives:

  • Increasing the yield. To this end, the Bush thinned out, removing to the base of annual basal shoots. Leave on the Bush should be no more than 5 branches, well developed. Such pruning of gooseberries in the fall should be conducted annually, following the rules: 5 old branches, and 3 new.
  • Rejuvenation of shoots. In this case, a lateral branch. The end of the weakest shoots are removed.
  • Sanitation. Mandatory annual removal of weak and diseased branches.

 Recommendations for pruning gooseberry

Crop this crop is not particularly difficult. But some recommendations should be given to the following year the shrub was pleased with the good harvest.

  • The autumn crop has its own specific terms. Should not perform this operation immediately after harvest until leaf fall. But to delay pruning is not necessary, freezing is not the best time for it.
  • The first crop of gooseberries is in the autumn before planting, the soil (i.e. just before planting). And the shorter the branches are naked, the better will be the consolidation of the Bush and the faster will the side shoots.
  • If you have not followed the age formed on the Bush branches, do not despair. You can visually Pruning gooseberries in the autumn

    to distinguish old from young shoots – they are more dark. The whiter the branch, the younger.

  • Engaged in pruning gooseberries, don’t get too carried away. Even if the Bush is very overgrown, more than a third of the shoots at one time to remove all the same it is impossible. So, you will have to stretch this procedure for several years.


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