Pruning fruit trees

pruning fruit trees

With the onset of Sunny spring days, when temperatures reach positive level, giving gardeners begin pruning fruit trees.

The purpose may be of different nature: rejuvenation, crown formation on fruiting and sanitary pruning.

Although the whole process is reduced to a thinning and shortening branches.

Space trimming after work you have to handle oil paint or garden pitch.

The formation and pruning of fruit trees after a very cold and long winters, you need to carry out a little later because the vegetation after a heavy frost delayed.

After planting to fruiting pruning is carried out to create a strong crown that she was able to withstand a lot of fruits, in case of a large crop, and exceptions while breaking off branches.

If annual seedlings, cut the spring just a few top of the kidneys. The cut must be under 45, over the kidney.

2-3letnih trees, leave 4 strong side shoots grow in different directions, and a weaker cut.

From left, 2 more strong shoots are pruned to the same size with weak, and 1 branch that grows at a sharp angle, clipped to the outside of the kidney, if the angle is very acute, then to the inside.

The trunk of this tree should be about 25 cm above the top of the lateral shoots.

In older seedlings, such pruning fruit trees is carried out on each layer, the distance between them is 40-50cm.

After this operation the crown of the tree should resemble the ellipsoidal shape. At the time of entry into fruition pruning fruit trees start with the sick and broken branches, and then thicken inside the crown of the barrel.

The fruiting begins in the periphery of the tree. Especially at fruiting tree can not have a strong annual shoots.

pruning fruit trees

The result of tree pruning, you have to reach to the skeletal branches of all tiers have the same power.

In this case, supported good growth and fruiting trees.

One feature that refers to the formation of the crown of plum and cherry.

They when pruning thick branches, produce large wounds and is a strong kamedetechenie, so branches are not needed for the formation of the crown, are cut off at a young age.

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