Pruning everbearing raspberries

Pruning everbearing raspberries

Fragrant sweet berries raspberries are prized not only as a raw material for jam is a rich source of medicinal components.

But conventional varieties of the crop a very short period of fruiting.

Therefore, not all have time to eat their fill of fresh raspberries.

But if you put on the site yet and everbearing plant, to harvest until late autumn – fruiting raspberries such several times.

Here only it is cultivated mainly in the southern regions of the country.

Basic care for everbearing raspberries is a little different from the usual farming raspberries. But to trimming the Bush quite a different approach.

Pruning raspberry bushes conventional varieties

Raspberry Bush is a seedling and developed around it shoots. The more side shoots, the lower the yield of raspberry. Raspberry pruning is usually carried out in several stages:

  • Autumn removed by the root two year old shoots, branches.
  • The following year, in the spring, once the annual shoots cut out completely. On shoots Bob off the top of the head to the top of a living kidney.
  • In June the young shoots pinch, removing the top 5 cm


All of this needs to be done to culture is not «run wild».

Pruning everbearing raspberries, as mentioned above, is fundamentally different from this procedure, carried out with common varieties of this crop. And this is due to the biological characteristics of this species.

Features remontant varieties

If the usual two-year shoots produce fruit raspberries, everbearing harvest and annual branches that produce fruit closer to the fall.

But 2 period of fruiting weaken the hive, shortening its lifespan.

Therefore, pruning everbearing raspberry fall pursues the goal to make the Bush annual. In June you can enjoy berries with conventional varieties, while remontant culture still formed the ovary.

But closer to the fall you will receive a rich crop of raspberries already with these shoots.

How to trim remontant raspberries

Pruning everbearing raspberries

So is pruning everbearing raspberry fall, that is, once a year, after the shoots aplodontia. Bush cut out completely, is not even the stumps.

Every 3-4 years you can spend the extra spring pruning of young shoots in order to develop a Bush (if it has grown).

Complete removal of the autumn shoots of raspberries provides a good wintering root system, which reduces the probability of diseases to a minimum.

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