Pruning currants in autumn

Pruning currants in autumn

All berries are rich in nutrients.

But the currants (especially black) can be called the leader in content of vitamin C.

So there is no gardener, which would be on the site is not diluted currants.

But in order to obtain good yields, it is necessary to properly care for your culture and, in particular, to do all the necessary pruning of the Bush.

And you need to know the biological features of plants.

How is the currant Bush

For currant, characterized by the fact that the Bush very easily formed root system the roots can grow even on a branch, slightly in contact with moist soil. It is therefore very actively growing shoots.

In the Bush you can see the branches of different ages. And the most powerful which is called the zero-order shoots develop from buds that are formed on the underground portion of the stem.

More young branches currants are formed already at these «zero», which, in turn, give a kidney for the development of vegetative and ringed (fruiting) shoots.


In other words, the currant Bush is a tree in miniature. There are also «dormant» buds from which shoots grow backup (in case, that is to say, force majeure).

Pruning currants in autumn

Currant pruning of any kind can be compared to a science – each step has its own sequence. And the whole cycle lasts for 4 years, then it repeats again.

During the vegetation period is 2 pruning: in the spring and before frost. While pruning currants in the fall is considered «rough», and after the winter this work is brought to perfection.

So what is the pulse of the Bush?

  • Primary pruning currant occurs in the first year of planting. Branches are cut about 12 cm, while leaving the escape is not more than 4 buds developed.
  • In the second year getting rid of small seedlings and immature branches. Zero shoots need to leave 4, by the strong is the basis for skeletal branches.
  • In the third year, the shrub has already formed a large number of shoots. The extra cut, it is necessary to leave not more than 5 the most developed. If skeleton shoots poorly branched, they must be cut by 13 lengths. Silnoroslye pruned if they are damaged.
  • In the fourth year of pruning currants in autumn is carried out so that on the Bush there are about 15-20 skeletal branches.

With this period of annual pruning is to remove old branches (completely or to a strong side branch). Diseased and damaged shoots are cut, despite their age.

Small caveat SNiP

Pruning currants in autumn

As in red and white culture skeletal branches are formed longer, pruning currant autumn it has small nuances:

  • The cycle of formation of the Bush stretched for 7 years.
  • One-year increments, of all orders in any case not pruned.
  • But once zero-order shoots are removed regularly.


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