Pruning clematis – species cropping groups

Pruning clematis

Beauty, color variety and long flowering clematis can charm every green thumb.

But so does simple seem to care for clematis?

The beauty of the blossom will delight only in the case if the right is not only planting and subsequent care, but more important to know how is the pruning of clematis.

The first pruning is done immediately after planting the seedling. Keep only 2-3 buds. Next year, you need to perform the procedure roughly a couple of weeks.

In the same year, but in autumn the shoots are pruned to a height of 30 cm it Should say that on how many correctly executed pruning, depends on the further development of the root system.

And this in turn will have a positive impact on what the plant will begin to delight their flowering after a couple of years.

The types of cropping

The moodiness of clematis rather, is to constantly limit excessive shoot growth. Perhaps it is the regularity and precision trimming beginners and experienced gardeners «collapses».

The first thing you need to understand that trimming is strong and moderate, but is divided into:

  • Seasonal. Occurs autumn to help the plant to adapt to cold weather;
  • Forms. In this case, improves the growth and development of clematis;
  • Sanitary. In summer it is recommended to remove diseased shoots.

All clematis can be divided into three main groups:

  • Group. Blooming clematis, from spring throughout the summer. Spring flowers appear on older branches, and in the second half of summer begin to bloom the flowers on the young branches;
  • Group A. Flowering plants begins in early spring only on shoots of the previous years. These varieties are mostly unpretentious;
  • Group. Flowers bloom exclusively on young shoots of the current year, from July to September. This group is considered the most common of all gardeners.


Circumcision in accordance with the groups

For the first group of clematis pruning is done in autumn, but remove only those shoots that are not yet fully Mature. You also need to remove all the shoots, but to a height of 1.5 m from the ground.

Clematis in this group requires shelter. And since these plants grow strongly, it is necessary during the summer to conduct a formative pruning.

For the second group of clematis pruning is as follows. In the first year, pruned to a height of 30 cm, so that the plant is well branched and well developed.

The following year, the first time you need to trim the shoots in June after flowering together with fruit. If you ignore this crop, by autumn clematis may not flower, because all power will be given to the spring bloom.

Pruning clematis

Next fall you should perform severe pruning. Leave shoots less than 1 m in length or less. For the winter need shelter.

Pruning clematis the latter group is only once a year in the fall. Leave the escape height of approximately 30 cm, but let’s say the interval from 20 to 50 cm For this group it is important to leave at least 2-3 buds and be sure to cover the bushes for the winter.

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