Pruning cherry (tree and shrub)

Pruning cherry

Cherry-like plants, the structure is divided into tree and shrub.

Despite the fact that they both reach a relatively insignificant height, crown pruning should be carried out regularly.

And on the basis of peculiarities of plants.

Pruning cherry tree

To the tree are mostly cherry varieties from European breeding. For the formation of crown used here sparsely-tier pruning, when the bearing involved no more than 7 branches located on the tree 3 tier.

Initially determined with the branches that will create the basis of the skeleton. They begin to shorten upper internodes.

But if the angle between the trunk and skeletal branch less than 45º, it is necessary to put the spacers. Bookmark tiers should begin on a young plant. The distance between the layers is determined in 60-70 cm.

While on the lower «floor» should be 3 branches, on average – 2, upper left 1-2. The conductor branch formed on the skeletal, trim should be done in such a way that they all were no more than 30 cm over the upper branches. Growth, which is formed in pristupovat area, you need to remove completely.

Pruning cherry shrub varieties

Domestic cherry varieties in structure are more like bushes with lots of shoots coming from the root. The popularity of the bushy varieties depends on their fecundity and duration of fruiting (12 to 18 years).

All shoots bushy cherries have mixed form and are divided into vegetative (leaves and buds) and generative (reproductive organs).

The purpose of pruning the cherry of this form is in compliance with the right balance between these types of shoots.

If mixed branch too hard to cut, it will develop, mainly generative shoots and vegetative will be represented by a single apical Bud.

This leads to the fact that the branch very quickly become bare. That, in turn, can lead to disease of the Bush and reduce fruiting.

Therefore, when trimming bushy cherry should be left mixed shoots length of not less than 35 cm.

Sanitary pruning cherry

Pruning cherry with the aim of forming the crown has been held annually since the first year plants.

And ends when the tree or Bush reached the age of six. All subsequent cropping is performed with a different objective.

pruning cherry

Pruning cherry sanitary removal of the sick, infected, dry and broken branches.

Regulatory pruning helps to regulate fruiting.

Restorative pruning is needed to update the crown, for example, in the case of freezing its branches.

Rejuvenating pruning is carried out, the trees have ceased their growth.

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