Pruning apricot spring

Pruning apricot spring

Gardeners who plan to plant in the garden apricot tree, should know that caring for them is not only sufficient watering, removing weeds from the root zone and regular loosening of the soil.

To obtain a consistently good crop you need to properly prune the tree. Pruning of the apricot is held in autumn or spring, and need it to get different results.

From the information given below, you can learn how to cut the apricot in the spring.

Apricot pruning — the purpose of the procedure

Fruit trees should be cut every year, and this should be done with the first season after planting the seedling in the ground. This procedure is necessary in order that the tree does not become too thick with small branches, which weaken it and reduce productivity.

In the spring, thinning branches contributes to the access of air to the inner branches, and also improves the penetration of sunlight to the ovaries and, later on, ripening fruit.

Good ventilation prevents the ingress into the crown of pathogenic microorganisms and decay of the fruit-bearing shoots. There are some basic rules of pruning of young apricots.

Cropping in young apricot

Growing an apricot tree requires pruning to shape the right of the crown. In addition, the branches are removed, frozen in winter and do not allow new shoots.

The procedure of circumcision helps the young tree in the spring and summer, to gain maximum power and to give qualitative branches.

  • Annual tree cropped based on the selected shape. For apricot are best suited Basharina (branches located 40 cm from one another) and enhanced-tier (in the first tier are two branches at a distance of 20 cm).
  • Pruning young trees begins with a single meter. It is necessary to choose two branches along the row and cut them in half. Other branches are cut to influx (near the trunk).
  • Those varieties of apricot, which suggest strong branching, shortened after reaching the branches longer than 60 cm, They are cut in half. Branches with a length of 40-60 cm are cut by a third. Small shoots of crop is not necessary. The main trunk is cut just above the outermost branch.

After the beginning of fruiting the tree is not cut, but only is weeded. Removed dead branches and diseased branches.

Pruning of adult apricot

Perennial trees over time begin to give the apricots only on the outer and upper branches. Accordingly, the yield drops and need

Pruning apricot spring

to spend for adult plant rejuvenation pruning.

In early spring, cut old branches skeletal in places (this is important!), where there are side branches. The slicer should be cleaned with a knife and lubricate garden pitch.

The amplified current of nutrients to these places will help awakening dormant buds, and this year will appear young and strong shoots.

With such a pruning of the apricot is important not to overdo it and not to remove too many branches.

If old branches are shortened more than one-third, the tree can dry out. Care for fruit trees regularly, and they will consistently delight you with a rich harvest.

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