Pruning Apple tree diagram for the first years

Pruning Apple trees

From the proper care of fruit trees depends directly on their resistance to diseases and ability to give good yields.

And one of the stages of the struggle for health of fruit crops, pruning Apple trees.

With regard to this culture, you begin pruning carried out in the nursery for seedlings.

Have planted in the soil of Apple trees the first pruning is done in the second year of life. And spend it in order to form the trunk of the desired height.

The first pruning Apple trees

On the conductor should be left from 3 to 5 skeletal branches. While in the main branches choose the shoots of apples, which differ in thickness from the trunk not more than half.

The branches extending from the conductor at an angle less than 40º, as the main are not suitable. Them or significantly shorten, to weaken, or remove. All the thin lateral shoots of Apple trees also should be trimmed, they will not develop into full-fledged branches.

Shaping tree, you need to maintain the ratio of the lengths of the conductor of the trunk and skeletal branches. Determine the height of the seedling, which depart branches are pruned so that they were below the conductor on 20-25 cm At the ends of the lateral branches of the Apple trees must be at the same level.

On the same principle it will be necessary to carry out pruning of Apple and the next 3 years. This removes the hierarchy of the side branches and not touch skeletal. The shortening shall be subject to all without exception left branch.

Methods of forming the crown of the tree

The above describes the basic structure pruning Apple trees, which formed the crown of the tree. But gardeners sometimes depart from the standard forms, giving the tree an unusual crown. After some simple steps on pruning the branches, you can reduce or increase the natural brightness of wood.

Sometimes there are specific forms of crowns: fusiform, imitating palm trees or columns. This is achieved by a combination of trimming

pruning Apple trees

the tree with the grafting of a particular variety on a rootstock.

Pruning of Mature Apple trees

An adult tree can be considered at the 5th year of life. During this period, the emphasis of pruning the tree from forming is transferred to enhances fruiting.

The shortening is performed as needed, but the thinning will have to do it more often, saumensch can become a cause of disease of Apple.

When thinning should not spare the weak branches and those where little plodoobrazovanie. Also completely remove the branches of the Apple trees that grow inside the crown, intertwine and RUB against. First cut of shrunken and damaged branches.

Rejuvenating pruning Apple trees

When the Apple tree will stop its growth, there is a period of aging, and productivity declined sharply. This phase can be seen in the drying up of the tips. Here we need a rejuvenating pruning Apple trees. All the skeleton branches are shortened considerably: depending on the variety, where one-third and half their length.

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