Proper procurement of brooms for a bath

procurement of brooms for a bath

For any Russian bath brooms necessary, without the stove, respectively, is also important, but anyone after the furnace just think about the procurement of brooms.

The broom gives the relaxation of the body and complete cleansing. You can call it good after proper preparation and this has its tricks.

  • 1. Where collected material for broom, there should be no dumps, vehicles, and various factories.

The environment should be kept clean so the leaves are free of dirt and other harmful microbes. All this is necessary in order that the hovering man was not picked up the infection without becoming sick.

  • 2. Favorable time for gathering the summer and autumn. You can collect at the beginning of August to end of September, but keep in mind that not all trees.
  • 3.To ensure that the brooms were good, collect them in dry weather, better after dinner.


Rules of procurement of brooms for a bath

Branches for baths must be cut neatly and it is better to choose them straight. The best branches are those that grow on the sides and have a length of at least 50 inches, the diameter should be the average.

All this should be approached with great responsibility. If the branches are thin, no effect will, after an impact, the skin can be greatly hurt.

Assembled broom for a bath to be cleansed from the leaves at the bottom, cleared the place you need to cord. Make sure that the bars were not outside, but inside. Give it the shape of a broom, not the broom, as they will be a lot easier to bathe.

Wrap the broom with a soft, dry cloth and leave to dry for about 7 days. After this loop it and uranite. Drying should occur in a horizontal position, without sunlight and well ventilated place (waiting room, barn).

How to collect broom for a bath

Oak broom can withstand five campaigns in the bath. They are harvested in late summer. Do not choose trees that shed their leaves, so they will last longer. Branches that are cut from young trees which will further lead to their death.

procurement of brooms for a bath

Birch broom for a bath harvested from fluffy or curly birch. She leaves should not be large and rough. Will suit those trees that have not bloomed. They contain useful oil.

Many people prefer nettle broom. It is harvested in spring, because at this time, the nettle is very hot. Wormwood is harvested after flowering.

Don’t forget these helpful tips, cut brooms for a bath right and you will see the result on the face. You a good warm up!

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