Propagation of gooseberry

propagation of gooseberry

Methods of breeding of gooseberry are many, every grower can choose for themselves any: cuttings, dividing the Bush, cuttings.

However, not all cultivars of this shrub is suited to all methods.

The ability of gooseberry for vegetative propagation is divided into classes on American and European.

Propagation of gooseberry

Varieties of the European group distinguished by a large number of spikes on thick stems and secondary growth of Bush. Propagation of gooseberries with this group occurs mainly by layering.

The American varieties of gooseberries are in most cases of hybrids, obtained by crossing European varieties. They are more bushes and thin curved shoots.

The most common method of propagation of gooseberries division, it is based on the ability of plants to form adventitious roots.

Fall in their suburban areas gardeners dig up the gooseberry bushes, which are intended for breeding and separating them into several parts, each of which must be shoots of the root system. While old branches are cut out, and the young pruned by 1/3.


When propagating gooseberries vertical layering, the whole Bush digging is not necessary. Spring garden shears, cut all the shoots at the root, leaving 5cm, followed by hilling.

As regrowth of shoots up to 30 cm, ridging gooseberry is performed twice. In the autumn the ground of the shovel, the shoots had already formed its own roots, stems cut out and sent to a new plantation for rearing.

The method of propagation of gooseberries horizontal layers, and does not require the complete digging out of the Bush and popular among gardeners.

Used for plants 4 years of age. Annual shoots bend to the ground and dropped. The following summer season or autumn, branches are dug, divided into several parts with the roots and planted in the nursery where grown to separate plants.

Propagation of gooseberry green cuttings is more complicated and demands experience.

propagation of gooseberry

This way you can use in the nursery or greenhouse.

For grafting the apical shoots take no longer than 20cm., which have about 8-10 knots.

When using this method of rooting depends on the variety. More successful reproduction occurs in the presence of a green stalk with a piece of two year old wood.

Gooseberry reproduction lignified cuttings used only in case of impossibility of other ways, it is ineffective, vacationers almost never used.

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