Procurement of brooms for a bath

procurement of brooms for a bath

In the country it is necessary not only to work in the garden or in the garden, but sometimes arrange to stay with relatives and friends, have a barbecue in the barbecue or the grill, the tea party in the summer kitchen and, of course, a trip to the baths.

Bath in the country is not simply washing, but a ritual that was invented by our ancestors, it gives a surge of strength, vigor and health.

Unfortunately all this difficult to achieve without a bath one attribute of the broom. This will be discussed in this article – storage of brooms for a bath.

Broom is this massager that propels the body of stagnant blood, «stretch your bones», released by essential oils, will help to improve the metabolism and slow down skin aging.

To the process of evaporation took place at the appropriate level, the procurement of brooms for a bath should take place correctly and in time.

The best period for harvesting of oak twigs is considered to be from June to August and birch after June 20 until July 15.

Knitting brooms for a bath can be from almost any plant, of course, consider their healing properties and reactions to the allergies. The main rule — harvesting of birch besoms are made after maturation of a leaf.


Knitting brooms, too, should be right in this case, the rush to anything good will not. For example, birch brooms choose high young trees, definitely no earrings, that grows in a Sunny spot.

So as not to destroy the tree, with each taking a few sprigs. Preferably the cutting done early in the morning. Having collected a sufficient number of branches with a length of up to half a meter you can start knitting the broom. Do not make very thick brooms for a bath.

Thick and heavy brooms are not easy to handle, and awkward to hold in the hand. As they say «less is more». The average thickness of 5cm. handle, convenient for both men and women.

Fresh harvested brooms usually hang out in the attic or shed to dry for a few days.

Check the readiness with twigs, they have become brittle, after which every broom must be wrapped in paper and pen don’t pay and put into storage until required in a dark place.

Procurement of brooms for a bath of oak is on the same principle, the only difference being the oak trees out in shady places. On such trees the leaves grow thicker and holds tight.

Use brooms in different cases, for example, birch for purification

procurement of brooms for a bath

skin from acne and the healing of bruises and wounds, and oak are well suited for oily skin, they reduce inflammation, the skin becomes elastic and soft.

The oak calms the nerves and helps to normalize blood pressure. Lime improves kidneys, helps with headaches.

During the day, a broom for a bath soaked in cold water, and before the application of hot. If the place of storage the air is dry and the broom is dry, you can rinse it several times with boiling water, then soak in hot water for 10 minutes.

Remember that excessive bathing can also negatively affect the health, everything must be approached wisely.

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