Primrose room: care and propagation

primrose room

Primrose, also known as primrose ― primrose is a herbaceous plant, common around the world.

However, the greatest promotion was observed in the countries of Central Europe.

Primrose room — varieties of

The greatest popularity was received estebania Primrose, or normal. Despite the fact that it relates to the garden, bring her up, often in residential areas.

This species has a characteristic, it does not bloom again indoors. Therefore, after the flower Bud, it is advisable to plant in the open ground.

Also popular, but not so great use many years Chinese Primula, Primula and Primula obconical kuska, and annual primrose magsalita.

Primrose indoor care and reproduction

Room Primula grows well in very bright places, but fully insulated from being directly under the rays of the sun.

Also ideal garden conditions for growing suitable Windows facing West and East. A moderate temperature is most suitable for these plants, but the most favorable is the range of 8─12 degrees Celsius.


This is especially true of spring and winter flowering periods. If you raise the temperature to just 15 degrees, it can lead to a sudden blossom drop.

Among other things, primrose favorably to unheated greenhouses. In summer, it is recommended to place in the garden of shadows.

In General, the primrose likes a fairly high humidity. This rule is especially important when the plants in rooms with heating.

However, to directly spray the leaves should not, be correct to place the pot in close proximity with moistened expanded clay or moss.

Water the Primula should be abundantly, especially during flowering and budding, but at the same time, absolutely avoid water stagnation.

The very same water is better to defend and to resort to the bottom glaze, to protect the leaves from moisture. In the period of rest plants are watered much less.

Feeding is straightforward ― apply fertilizer for flowering plants in liquid form. Feeding is enough to be done every two weeks, on the stages of flowering and budding.

Transplanted primroses only after a period of rest. The most optimally suited for this first autumn months.

Soil mixture is best done the same proportion of peat, turf and deciduous earth, and clean river sand. The pot must not be very deep but quite wide and with drainage at the bottom.

Propagated primrose ways:

  • 1. Seeds: they are sown in November or December, and from 10 to 12 days hold in a warm (18─20 degrees Celsius) and humid environment. The seedlings two times dive in the spring are transplanted into pots.
  • 2. Dividing the Bush: when there was a dormant period and grow stems, bushes divided into parts, and then planted in loose, nutritious soil avoiding excessive deepening, leaving a rosette at ground level.
  • 3. Rooting of axillary shoots: so propagated plants with trudnootdelemy Bush. The shaft, along with a kidney and a fragment of escape is cut off at the base of the root collar. He then sits down to a depth of no more than a centimeter, with a slight slope, kidney up.
  • 4. Layering: the bottom of the stems is necessary to impose wet moss, then when you see the roots, the stems are cut and planted as a separate flower.


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