Preparing the garden for winter

preparing the garden for winter - shelter lapotnikov

The autumn months for gardeners – the period of preparing the garden for winter.

Even after harvest and guidance on the part of the order, the holiday season is not the end of the garden as before, requires our attention.

You need to prepare the plants for winter and to shelter them from the cold.

Depends on the next harvest, and preservation of the many cultures in our absence.

Preparing the garden for winter

Many garden plants are adapted to weather conditions in their regions, and they will have simple cover of mulch in the area of the roots. You can use fallen leaves.

More serious insulation necessary for delicate young seedlings, especially on weathered areas.

In such garden you need to put in winter additional barriers on the windy side.

Then in your cottage snow pillow will be higher and the plants are protected from frost.

Flowers perennials (asters, violets, saxifrage, etc.) excessive insulation is not needed, enough to cover them with spruce branches in a tent.

But the sensitive plants with exotic names like chrysanthemum Korean or Japanese anemones need a good shelter for the winter.

On these inhabitants of the garden set wooden frame of fine wire grating, which is filled with wood chips or leaves, and the top is covered with polyethylene.

In the end the whole structure is covered with spruce branches. The same design can be used for insulation and fuchsia anemones.

Dig and store it for gladiolus bulbs, begonia tubers, rhizomes, Cannes, root tubers of dahlias.

Until the end of October you need to complete the garden planting lilies, hyacinths, tulips, Muscari, chionodoxa and so on.

Preparing the garden for winter involves pruning of old and unwanted branches of trees and shrubs for the crown formation, and subsequent whitewashing. Special attention in preparation for the winter need tender roses.

Many growers use their own methods cover the accumulated years given the location of the cottages and climatic conditions.

Preparing roses for winter necessarily imply ridging, with

preparing the garden for winter -frame construction

subsequent shelter of fir branches with skeleton design.

In General, the preparation of the roses begins in late summer, stop fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers and reduce watering.

In the fall, after the first slight frost, under the base of the Bush poured sand and Spud ground.

The soil should be prepared in advance, you cannot use frozen soil. Hilling is carried out dwarf plants to 10cm. Up to 40cm high.

After that, install insulated design. For protection from diseases of plants are recommended for winter spraying of 3% solution of ferrous sulfate.

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