Preparing roses for winter at the cottage

preparing roses for the winter - spruce branches

Roses are heat – loving plants, so novice gardeners in the spring often find them dead.

Experienced growers, who have repeatedly faced with the harsh winters, know that they are careful shelter, many have even developed their own design and methods of preparing roses for the winter, given the climatic characteristics of the region and the location of the cottage.

Preparing roses for winter

Of the many ways the shelter can be divided into two groups, the most common.

Insulation colors various materials (leaves, trees, sawdust) or the manufacturer of the air frame of the device. In both cases, first comes the hilling plants.

Preparing roses for winter starts tentatively in the month of August. Stop feeding the roses fertilizer with nitrogen, to create favorable conditions for the aging of the roots.

Also reduce watering and complete loosening. Prepare the ground for shelter rose, sand and other necessary materials. Everything should be dried.

To protect plants from diseases, it is desirable to spray a 3% solution of ferrous sulfate.

The first light frosts down to-3 ° C., no harm to the colors will not cause, on the contrary will contribute to the hardening of the shoots.

With the onset of low temperatures beginning the practical preparation of roses for winter.

First, the base of a Bush covered with sand and on top a cooked Spud with soil. Small bushes of about 10cm., up to 40cm high.

In this condition the roses can withstand up to -12-15C. As soon as the ground will freeze a few inches is the final stage of the shelter, as mentioned above leaves, sawdust, twigs, or install a frame construction, and served it on top of the polyethylene.

Preparation of roses for winter

Spray roses in preparation for winter, cut. Leave the bushes

preparing roses for winter - air frame shelter

with a maximum height of 30cm. Removed the leaves and not ripened shoots. Top hilling is carried out and laid spruce branches.

This insulated material, in addition to its primary role, yet has antibacterial properties and deters mice. Around roses in the winter it is recommended to install fences for snegozaderzhanija.

Preparation of standard roses for winter

Stam roses without leaves and tip gently bends to the ground, fixing pegs.

You can dig a trench about 25cm., and put on winter, there Stam rose entirely. Placed on top of the spruce branches and covered with earth.

On the prepared seat provide a frame of reference. The frame way of warming must remain an air space 15-20cm.

This creates the optimum climate to protect roses not only from low temperatures but also high humidity.

Starting preparing roses for the winter, consider the humidity in your area.

Experienced growers warn that in case of a thaw under the air frame shelter condensation, roses can rot.

In such areas it is better to be limited to hoeing and shelter spruce branches.

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