Prepare pepper seeds for planting

seeds of pepper in a salt solution

Many gardeners are faced with a situation of poor germination of pepper seeds sweet and spicy.

This happens due to the fact that they quickly lose their freshness.

Preparation of pepper seeds for sowing should be mandatory, otherwise no one can guarantee that they sprout.

Prepare pepper seeds for planting

To change the situation and revive the pepper seeds, you need to know CPR and to select suitable.

Methods for this are different: soaking, quenching, sparging, processing of useful minerals and so on.

In fact, all the ways are good, but separately, not all together, one or two is enough.

Before to prepare pepper seeds for sowing, it is necessary to select the best.

Prepare a 4% solution of salt. To do this, mix 40g of salt in 1 l of water. Place the pepper seeds, stir and wait 6-7 minutes.

Those that remain on the surface of the dummy safely to their otbrakovyvaya that will sink to the bottom, can be used for sowing. Rinse seeds under running water and place on paper to dry.

For disinfection is well to apply a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Simply using a spray bottle to spray the seeds after 30 minutes, rinse and dry.

Treatment of planting material is carried out for a couple of days before planting. Put the pepper seeds in a gauze bag and dip it in the prepared solution of wood ash for 3-4 hours.

Then simply dry the seeds, not washing. For the preparation of charcoal solution, dissolve 2 g of ash in 1 liter of water and let it brew for a day, stirring occasionally.

Germination of seeds is necessary if you want to make sure that the seeds

the germination of pepper seeds

viable, or, under any circumstances, need to emerge before.

This is already disinfected seeds are placed in a row in wet matter into a saucer and put in a warm place near the battery.

In a day they will begin to germinate. You must make sure that the rag was wet. Germinated pepper seeds, sown only in moist soil.

Hardening of planting material is carried out in two ways. In the first prepared pepper seeds for sowing, after soaking and swelling, you must put in a cold place.

Typically, this use of the refrigerator. At a temperature of 1-2C, they should be within 24h.

The second method is more difficult, there is used a contrast hardening, i.e. 12 hours pepper seeds kept at the temperature of 22-24C, then 12 hours at 3-5ºC.

This preparation of chilli seeds for sowing complete, you can sow. The methods described are suitable for many vegetable crops grown by gardeners in their gardens.

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