Preparation of seeds for sowing eggplants

preparation of seeds of eggplant

Eggplant seeds before sowing for obtaining a strong and amicable shoots should be trained.

First they need to calibrate.

Gardeners-fans usually select seeds for planting in weight.

The method is simple and requires no special equipment.

Preparation of seeds for sowing eggplants

In a container of 3% salt solution (10 g per 250 ml of water) was placed eggplant seeds and mix well.

Crops provide the opportunity for 2 minutes to get wet in the solution. After that float on the surface of seeds are removed, they are not suitable.

The rest can then be trained for sowing. Rinse with running new.

With the seeds of the eggplant can be transmitted viral, bacterial or fungal disease. To protect them help disinfection.

Seeds are soaked for 20 minutes in 1 % strength solution of potassium permanganate or 2% hydrogen peroxide (5min). After treatment the seeds should be well washed.

Also very useful for warming up the seeds of the eggplant. For 5 hours in a drying Cabinet at a temperature of 50C.

The next step in the preparation of eggplant seeds for sowing – hardening. It is done to improve plant resistance to low temperatures. One of the ways.

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Swollen eggplant seeds 12 hours kept at a temperature of 20 – 24C, and the next part of the day at 2 – 6S., this procedure is repeated 10 days. However, be careful and constantly monitor the seeds.

The final part of the preparation of the germination of seeds. Germination in water is used by Amateur gardeners for many vegetable crops.

But it’s better if you soak seeds in a solution of fertilizer. The easiest recipe for solution preparation.

In one liter of warm water mix 2 tablespoons of wood ash, then leave during the day, stirring every 3-4 hours.

After this strain. For the preparation of seeds for sowing eggplants, this solution is kept for 3 hours, and rinse under running water. After surgery, you can begin planting.


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