Preparation of cucumber seeds

preparation of cucumber seeds

Preparation of seed for planting cucumbers starts, rejection of poor quality and validation of content.

For this cucumber seeds need to pour salt solution (per liter of water 30 grams of salt).

Mix well and allow to settle, the seeds floated to remove.

Rest rinse well under running water.

Next, the seeds of cucumbers need to decontaminate for 20 minutes placed in a solution of potassium permanganate (in 1 liter of water half a teaspoon of crystals).

Then the prepared cucumber seeds for planting should be cleaned, and if planted early, then dry.

Before planting cucumber seeds need to soak for 20-24 hours at a temperature of about 20C in the prepared solution. In one liter of water dissolve 10 g of superphosphate and 10 g of potassium nitrate.

Also prepare seeds for planting of cucumber involves the germination. To do this, seeds are placed in a damp cloth and keep at room temperature until the appearance of roots length of 1cm.

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