Potted plants and flowers in the house

potted plants and flowers

The desire to decorate your home with live plants and flowers became the custom for a long time.

The pioneers in this fascinating customs become the country with a pronounced change of weather and time of year.

First, in the winter the houses were mostly grown plants for medicinal purposes, and later they were replaced by beautiful flowers and plants.

Nowadays many gardeners in addition to their favorite villas have been breeding a variety of ornamental and exotic flowers in their homes.

Almost all of them have different requirements growth. Therefore, for the successful maintenance of flowers in the home conditions must adhere to certain rules, then you will be able to obtain unique specimens of plants.

Decorative flowers is a beautiful part of nature in your apartment. You can also decorate the balcony, a loggia, entrance and even the facades of the building.

Beautiful design enhances the mood in the family and is of interest to friends and acquaintances.

Beginner gardeners should choose plants more resistant, keeping long time decorative and do not require complex care and are resistant to diseases and pests.

Before buying a plant, you need to read the advice of experienced gardeners on the propagation, cultivation, transplanting it and site preparation.

The fact that buying store-bought flowers, you have to understand that they were grown in greenhouses. Home conditions are slightly different from their usual climate, lighting, temperature and so on.

Experts recommend to make new copies from other fans who have also grown at home, in the event the climate will be about the same, and if in the greenhouse, in spring, when temperature and humidity do not differ much in the apartment and in the nursery.

Then the plant will better adapt to the new place. Young flowers planted in small pots, adapt faster and start its development.

Every grower will be able to find a large number of perennial types of plants and flowers.

Great variety for every taste, and many exotic and rare does not even have a Russian name, but it does not hurt you to green up your apartment, the loggia and veranda.

Gradually you will learn to defend a green area from disease and protected from pests. I wish you good luck in this fascinating and beautiful hobby!!!

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