Potted palm trees names

Potted palm trees names

You can call the clear fact that palm trees are becoming increasingly popular with home gardeners.

And modern offices it is hard to imagine without huge pots with such wonderful vegetation.

And not surprising this capture. Indoor palm tree is not only a fashion statement, but also a way to significantly enrich the room with oxygen in parallel with design.

Each Palma beauty created by nature.

The choice of palm trees

«Zealous» desire to acquire a small tree with a spreading crown, should be several times to weigh its decision.

We should not blindly buy what you like (even if the myths promise the success in your house with the purchase of any exotics).

  • First, you need to decide what types of trees are suitable for growing indoors and which should grow outdoors or only in the greenhouse.


  • Secondly, part of the palm even room options can be dangerous to health, because release into the air toxic fumes or emit poisonous milky juice.


So, if all the factors (of beautiful appearance, compact size and harmlessness) «came together» in a single plant, these potted palm trees worth buying.

Palm room

Trees for offices and private premises, you can choose many. But the most popular are perhaps the following.

Howea Forster. Extremely beautiful Australian native at home is growing very slowly regardless of soil fertility.

Large leaves-fans in rooms have a horizontal direction of growth (compared to natural conditions). Popular thanks unpretentiousness to the conditions of care.

Palma umbrella demands to itself enhanced attention (though countrywoman Hovei), so not worth it to break the regimen.

Exposed to the she and disease if it does not feel sufficient moisture. Outwardly, the tree is very beautiful, t. to. it’s worth spending effort to keep it healthy.

Very original Palma Rapis with a beautiful fan-shaped leaves (native of Asia). It has several of the original subspecies, which apparently did not always like each other. Hybrid varieties of Raposa have an unusual shape and color of leaves and are very expensive.

Chamaedorea elegant with its delicate feathery leaves is often found in offices.

Potted palm trees names

Apparently, because the plant is small and easy transfers of drought (although the palm tree native to humid jungles of Mexico).

All indoor palm trees (and those who were not mentioned in the article) deserve to live in your home. The best additions to the interior design you can imagine.

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