Potted flowers — planting and care

potted flowers

In modern terms, among the grey panel houses and the bustle of the city, more and more people away from nature.

Despite this, almost everyone in the house are potted flowers with their bright colors and diverse shapes are able to cheer up even the most overcast day.

Today, there are a great many potted plants for every taste: from the colorful blossoming green succulents, from edible to medicinal, from tiny to large.

Each of them require proper care: watering, spraying, transplanting, pruning and fertilizer.Watering should be regular.

The frequency of watering depends on the time of year: summer every few days in winter once a week or a month. Watering also is determined by the kind of potted flowers.

For example, cacti, bulbs of different kinds succulents is better to pour in too little or skip watering, if the ground is not as dry as these plants tend to accumulate and hold moisture.

On the contrary, profusely blooming, and plants with thin stems and leaves, it is recommended to water moderately, but often.

Spraying of plants is held every two or three days. In the winter, when the air dried due to heating appliances, spraying should be carried out daily. At the same time, potted flowers such as violets, gloxinia, the spraying is not needed at all.

Every living plant responds well to fertilizers, flowers are no exception. Fertilize potted plants from April to August-September.

Fertilizer, dry or in liquid form, diluted in water and applied to the soil in strict accordance with the instructions on the package. Excess fertilizer can damage the roots of the flower, whereby the plant may die.

Young flowers require active growth, so transplant them every year in the period from March to April in fresh soil. Pot size should be wider than the previous 2-4 see More Mature plants are allowed to replant every 3-5 years.

Potted flowers need sunlight. The most successful location – the East and West Windows. In

Potted flowers

when placed in the South window of the plants are recommended in the afternoon pritenyat from direct sunlight.

In the autumn and winter time is coming short daylight hours, so some flowers, especially southern species that need additional lighting special lamps.

It is important to remember particularly care for potted flowers, because they give pleasant moments of his mistress and her family members, allowing you to get closer to nature and enjoy the beautiful.

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