Pots for houseplants

pots for houseplants

Great importance for the maintenance of indoor plants has a size of glassware (vases, pots, tubs), as some types of flowers required annually and sometimes several times a year to replant.

Experienced growers know that plant from a small pot should be transplanted into very large, because the soil mixture will sour even before the penetration of young roots.

The diameter of the new pot for indoor plants should be greater than 1.5-2cm old dishes.

If the container is made of clay, it must be put for 1 hour in water to soaked walls.

Used flower pot, need a good wash with hot soapy water and then boiled in the soda solution and rinse.

Clay pots for plants are porous, it allows air, which is necessary for root systems to penetrate the soil mixture.

Experienced growers are strongly warned not to paint them the paint, it will clog pores, and this will reduce the flow of air into the soil.

With proper care, pots for indoor plants can provide many years of service.

Unacceptable use of faience, porcelain, and any glazed pots and vases, because their walls don’t leak air to the roots.

The same applies to the iron cookware that rusts from moisture.

For flowers have long roots, such as roses, palm trees and some bulbs (lilies) are chosen pots, with height greater than width.

There are types of plants that need high humidity, grown in double pots, and the distance between the walls is filled with moss, which support moist.

Although the new clay pots, can also damage the flowers, the fact that a certain amount of quicklime is always on a new dish.

When moisture forms harmful toxic compounds that get into the root system. Therefore, the new clay containers also need a few hours to stand in water with the addition of superphosphate of lime to neutralize and wash thoroughly.

For planting indoor plants to use plastic utensils, but keep in mind that they are not suitable for flowers with delicate roots.

Also it is not necessary in these new pots to plant expensive and rare instances, it is better to place them in unpretentious flowers.

In addition to container plants, you need to buy: shovel, hand capku for sampling weeds, razryhlitelya fork, pruning knife, secateurs, watering can, sprayer, fork for picking, washcloth, suspender material, the peg for the planting of the cuttings.

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