Potato varieties for Siberia


Potato varieties for Siberia

The potato is almost the main product on our tables.

Therefore, it is difficult to imagine that a few centuries ago, this «alien» from another continent forcibly tried to «introduce» menu Rus.

Now do not list varieties of potatoes that are popular.

Classification of varieties of potatoes

Perhaps, there is no host who can’t grow the potatoes. Someone used your seeding materials, other buying something you like on the market.

But only an experienced owner knows that attention should be paid not so much on appearance, and to do constantly focus on your favorite variety of potato. It is necessary to diversify products and to choose the «right» varieties.

The choice of varieties is so great that to try them all is unlikely, but to distinguish them you should. And klassificeret vegetable in different categories (and one variety may fall under several articles).

Varieties differ among themselves on such properties:

  • palatability;
  • ripening;
  • resistance to diseases and pests;
  • adaptability to regional conditions.

And this product can be divided into 4 groups: table (ie food), fodder, technical and versatile.

Potato varieties for Siberia

When choosing potatoes for planting in the Siberian region should be considered as regionalized grade for the area. Thus it will be possible to avoid destruction of the culture of local potato diseases.

Recommended potato varieties for growing in Siberia:

  • «Elena, «refers to early maturing varieties, has good yield, is marketable.
  • «Antonina» — a specially zoned for Siberia, productive, stores well.
  • «The Baron» — looks nice and tasty on the inside, especially popular in the Urals.
  • «Ermak» — cloned from the cultivar «Early rose».
  • «Lugovskoy» — middle-grade potatoes for Siberia, with excellent taste and high yield.
  • «Nevsky«is the most popular of early varieties because of their adaptability to conditions of farming.
  • «Snowdrop» — grown for the Siberian region, are resistant to cancer, but susceptible to scab and late blight.
  • «Ural early» resistant to almost all diseases.

 The advice of an experienced gardener

  • It is more rational to grow in Siberia a few potato varieties with different ripening that he Potato varieties for Siberia

    always present on the table all year round.

  • Due to the fact that the properties of the potato gradually degenerate, losing their productivity, planting material should be updated every 3-4 years.


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