Potato late blight control measures

Potato late blight

Potatoes for many centuries not considered exotic product.

Aromatic crispy potatoes on the right was the Queen, and the usual dinner and a celebratory feast.

To grow this wonderful vegetable has become as common as formerly in ancient Russia turnip and radish.

Neat rows of dark green strong foliage pleasing to the eye and the Amateur and professional agronomist.

However, a disease called potato late blight can stop to admire this beauty.

Who is he, this enemy number one? A kind of fungal disease, which is caused by oomycetes of the genus Phytophthora.

This is the most dangerous pathogen for all Solanaceae crops (tomato, pepper, eggplant), among which the leading place is the potatoes.

The first signs of infection appear on the leaves of plants in the form of brown spots with a white bloom from the «inside» of the sheet. It is the spores of the fungus Phytophthora.

Inactivity at this stage of infection, late blight of potatoes is easily spread to large areas, is gradually affecting the entire fit.

Adopted at the initial stage of the radical complex interventions will contribute to the localization of the center and stop the spread of the disease to other plants.

Potato late blight control measures

 There are several types of protection:

  • folk remedies — without the chemicals and damage, but are slow and ineffective.
  • chemical – fungicide, is known for its negative effects on the human body, but is more effective against potato blight;
  • agronomic – crop rotation, selection of resistant varieties to infection, the implementation of the rules of preparation and planting of the tubers. They are referred to preventive measures.

Doctors state: «the disease is easier to prevent than to cure», this works for potatoes. Prevention the most effective method to pacify the disease.

So, in order to choose the right direction in the fight against late blight of potato and to achieve the complete elimination it on your site, you should know where he can find a weak spot:

  • late blight affects the poor copper soil; Potato late blight control measures


  • aktiviziruyutsya especially in damp cool weather (fog, dew);
  • likes close fit;
  • grows on low sites.

The complex of methods of «defense» will not only help to save the crop, but will serve as a prevention of the contamination of soil grown potatoes, and prevent the spread of this dangerous infection in the healthy parts of the earth.

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