Potato cyst nematode — control measures

Potato cyst nematode

Potato cyst nematode – garden pest which is parasitic on the roots of plants from the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant).

The worm inhibits root system, which slows plant growth and significantly reduced yield.

The female after fertilization produces over 1000 eggs, reveal that almost impossible.

Even adult pests can be seen only under a magnifying glass, because the length of their body no more than 1mm.

The most damage to potato cyst nematode causes in suburban areas with no rotation of crops. In such areas, yield losses up to 80%.

In severe cases the tubers are not formed, in the best case grows 2-3 small tuber.

Try to identify the potato cyst nematodes on the roots after flowering. Bush it is necessary to dig and remove the soil.

Then inspect the root system. If they will be visible to small grains of white color, it means the plant is affected.

«Grains» is female nematodes in the fall they die and turn into cysts, in which the larvae develop.

The first signs of the emergence in your area potato cyst nematodes will serve as individual bushes of potatoes, which quickly turn yellow leaves, and they die before the onset of autumn.

In infected plants, as a rule, little stems and weak root system, therefore, they do not yield and die quickly.

The plot nematodes can enter through infected seed potatoes, garden tools and even footwear. Especially actively multiplies in areas where from year to year, planting the same crops, and do not follow the rules of crop rotation.

Potato cyst nematode — control measures

For slight infection to start combating nematodes by using preventive measures. The affected areas, you can sow winter rye, calendula, fragrant clover or legumes.

After these plants the number of pests is drastically reduced. Also need a deep autumn digging

Potato cyst nematode - control measures

soil, and try to use nematode-resistant varieties.

If the presence of the nematodes reached the natural scale, we have to resort to using the special drug «Basudin», it will also help to get rid of the wireworm.

Also in specialized stores sold by the soil «Protection», which includes predatory nematodes, they destroy potato counterparts.

Soil is added to each hole before planting of potato, tomato and so on.

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