Popular varieties of potato

Popular varieties of potato

Potato is a very popular product, which is grown by all gardeners.

After all, the potato has all the nutrients and nutritional properties that make it a product of daily use.

Very important, growing potatoes, select varieties that will yield the greatest crop in each particular locality. It is known that different soils they do not behave the same way.

Varieties differ in the parameters: maturity, yield, resistance to temperature extremes, starch, etc.

To always get a great crop should be planted on the site a few different varieties of potatoes simultaneously.

What varieties of potatoes are considered the best? The answer to this question to give difficult, because much depends on the growth conditions. But still, the following varieties, which are best proven.

Popular varieties of potato

«Felix» — refers to early maturing varieties of potatoes. Has a dark green stem and leaves and red-purple flowers. Tubers are oblong-oval form, and covered with a rind of yellow color.

The flesh «Felucca» light yellow. This variety is valued for its nematologist, high productivity, earliness and taste great.

«Sprint«is also an early maturing variety of potato. The plant has a high stem. The Corolla is white. The tubers of the potato are oval-rounded, smooth, with a yellow rind.

On the surface of the tuber there are numerous small eyes. The flesh Pulled pale yellow color. Sprint has a good record of keeping quality ( up to 97%), marketability (98%) and good taste.

«Impala«is one of the most popular varieties among farmers because of its yield and ultra-early ripening, which allows it to grow for early sales in the market. Corolla color in this class white.

The tubers of the Impala are of an oblong-oval form and small eyes. The flesh of this potato is light yellow. Has excellent flavor characteristics and good keeping quality.

«Kondor» — refers to high yielding mid-season varieties of potatoes. Under the Bush produces up to 24 red oblong-oval tubers that have shallow eyes and light yellow flesh.

This is a commercial grade, which is perfectly preserved, without losing their consumer qualities.

«ROCO» refers to mid-season varieties, market destinations. The yield of the potatoes – up to 500 kg with a weave.

Tubers are oval potatoes that have a skin of red color and creamy flesh. «ROCO» well kept all winter without losing its excellent taste.

«Red Scarlet«is the early maturing variety of potato, which belongs to the best varieties of Dutch breeding.

Popular varieties of potato

Forms to 23 of tubers under a Bush.

«Red Scarlet» is oblong-oval tubers with smooth skin red.

The potato pulp has a pleasant yellowish color.

The yield of this variety up to 600 kg with a weave, the potato has excellent taste and excellent shelf life.

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