Popular varieties for growing watermelons

Astrakhan watermelon

Each variety of melon has its own term aging, taste, shape, color and storability.

This took care of breeders living in different climatic conditions.

This is why seeds need to choose in accordance with their region. To grow a good crop in the country.

Emergency – this type of watermelon has the shape of an elongated oval, dark green. The mid applies to around 85 — 95 days. Vintage high, stable. After harvesting can be stored 25-35days. If plenty of moisture (for severe drought) shape can change, and make grosvenori.

Chieftain — early maturing, ripening occurs after 70dnya. The white-green ball. The maturation occurs together. Delicious and therapeutic. Contains a lot of diuretic substances. To store not more than a month.

Monastery — middle-grade watermelons. Maturing after 80-85 days. The yield is good and stable. The form — stripe ball. With proper storage the fruits stored until January of next year. Very resistant to diseases and stressful situations. The flesh is pale red.

Light — early maturing (70-75dney). The harvest is good up to 10kg., stable, spherical, dark. It is impossible to become overripe.

Astrakhan is easily recognizable striped ball. early maturing, ripening with 70-75 days. Immunity to many diseases, good yield, excellent taste.

Chill — this variety of watermelon is not overripe at all. Can be collected in autumn, when the tops dry up. Excellent taste, high yield. Storage is provided until Feb. Has spread in the Volga region, Siberia.

watermelon Siberian lights

For truckers one can use a single-stemmed, early variety SRD-2. Not pasankalla, shoots short. Can be planted at intervals of 50cm.

Grade Early Kuban Matures to 70 day. Great for growing in Siberia and in the suburbs. Watermelons grow to 5-5,5 kg, the Peel is thin, flesh is delicious. Stored until

watermelon sugar baby

months. The yield is high.

In General, for regions of Nechernozem and Siberia it is good to grow early varieties seedling method, vitravene not later than 90days.

To such varieties of watermelon include: Sugar baby, Sibirskie Ogni, Sugar Baby. Not sure what store you find these seeds, or that you like.

Most importantly, read their features, and take several varieties.

After the first planting season it will become clear what variety you like the most and suitable for your backyard and what is not.

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