Popular types of cacti. Pets and flowering cacti

Cactuses attracted the attention of lovers of flowers and plants, their uniqueness and originality of external forms.

For indoor plant growing out copies of a small size, so even on a conventional window sill can fit a lot of different types of cacti, up to several tens of pieces.

Each grower can choose to your taste any decorative flowering cacti.

Home cacti do not require a careful attitude, they do not need to be watered often, they will quietly wait for your return from the country or vacation.

They can easily tolerate low humidity and even a slight decrease in temperature in winter. The only difficulty in the content of some species is to get bloom.

This article lists the most suitable species of cacti, for home maintenance.


Echinopsis (Echinopsis) is the most famous kind of cactus. In Greek (echinos) – urchin (opsis) is similar.

Includes more than 100 species of plants. The young ones are rounded, but gradually as the years stretched. The trunk is smooth with sharp edges. Shade from light green to dark green.

Spines located at the same distance from each other, hard. Flowering cactus, adult specimens have up to 25 flowers. Perfect for beginners.

prickly pear

Prickly pear (Opuntia) is one of the largest genera in this family. It has about 200 species of plants, from small to large, like trees.

Develop slowly, flowering occurs only 10-12 a year. As houseplants, the most popular: prickly Pear Indian and melkoporistaja.


Rebutia (Rebutia) is a very beautiful bloom, but this cactus will delight you with its beauty, it is necessary to maintain the nutrition of the soil, and a little more focus when caring for the plant. Note: Rebutia albiflora and krainziana.


Cereus (Echinocereus)is another genus which has found its admirers among the gardeners. A distinctive feature of this species, in the vacation of numerous shoots during growth, and the flowers more than the plants. There are about 70 varieties. Very good Cereus comb.


Acanthocalycium (Acanthocalycium) – in the home grows to 10cm, elastic and rigid spines, to 3 cm long. In winter, the recommended temperature of +8-10°C, otherwise the plant stretches and bad blooms. Loves a lot of sunlight. Interesting species: Acanthocalycium of Clines, korotkochereshkovye.


Echinocactus (Echinocactus) – large cacti. In the indoor environment to achieve flowering is very difficult, grow slowly. Requires proper care, maintenance complex. For beginner gardeners this is not recommended.


Gymnocalycium (Gymnocalycium) – perhaps the most popular genus of succulent. Many species of these cacti can be found on sale in flower shops. Flowers are borne in the 3rd year of life. Flowers have many different shades. The plant reaches a diameter of 15cm, the height 2 times smaller.


Parody (Parodia) – fairly common genus, which has about 100 species of cacti. The plant is not whimsical care, but you need to maintain the nutrition of the soil and to observe moderate watering. Very beautiful: the Parody Zolotaya and krovavotsvetkovaya. All described species of cacti and flowering home.

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