Pool for villas with their hands

pool for villas with their hands

Pool to give can be deepened and frame.

Frame is more suitable for children.

Selected place, set the frame, which is waterproof tape and all.

For adults the process of making a pool to give your hands more time consuming.

A temporary swimming pool for villas with their hands

First select the area (place) under the pool. Then dig a pit in the desired area and depth.

For children with one edge left smaller spot, it usually is not deeper than 0,5-0,7 cm For adults the depth of the pool up to 2-2,5 m diving depth not less than 3M.

To the walls did not crumble, they are made under an angle of about 20, and leveled with a shovel. After that, from the tarpaulin or plastic film liner, make a pre-Osipov the bottom of the future swimming pool river sand.

Of course, you can use the more expensive rubberized fabrics. The edges of the liner needs to go to 1 meter from the edge.

After that they are fixed and backfilled with sand. Around the perimeter of the shore are made of wood paving, which is expected to arrive over the beach at 10cm. After the end of the summer season the water is pumped.

Stationary swimming pool for villas with their hands

Such pool in the country is a reinforced concrete monolithic structure. Sizes can be from several square meters to several tens of meters.

Before you excavate, you should thoroughly select the location for many years.

When conducting concrete work on the bottom of the pool poured a layer of gravel 8-10cm. top make screed cement mortar 1:8 with a thickness of 5cm.

Further waterproofing is placed over the entire surface, and heat insulation. Top insulation poured concrete layer of 10cm.

Preventing complete solidification of the solution, the bottom wall is placed a reinforcing grid with cells bars 20mm and 8mm.

Wall meshes are fastened to the bottom and with each other. Then set the formwork, pour concrete wall 20mm., the bottom 15cm.

The formwork is erected on two sides of the walls, between the wall and the ground remained a gap, it will protect your pool in winter from the action of buoyancy forces during freezing.

After curing, formwork above, and so on until the desired height of the walls of the pool.

pool for villas with their hands

The inner surface can be finished with ceramic tiles or glass mosaic, which is especially useful if the pool design has a curved shape.

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