Polycarbonate for greenhouses, canopies, awnings

polycarbonate for greenhouses

With the arrival of spring, an active summer season.

Today has become extremely popular of such material as polycarbonate, which is used almost on each plot structures, which makes lightweight, flexible, and lightweight, porous plastic.

His enormous popularity he got due to the fact that is a translucent material and a great alternative to all glass products, and products of film, and the most common materials for roofing.

But this does not mean that the use of polycarbonate is limited only by its application in private construction.

Due to its thickness, from 4 mm to 25 mm, and a variety of colors, there are big opportunities in other variants of its use. Where applicable polycarbonate transparent? In building alcoves, canopies, awnings, gazebos, roof transparent, showers, etc.

Agriculture is generally indispensable material for greenhouses, greenhouses, greenhouses, winter gardens, all of the same translucent roof and much more.

In industry it is often used to fill Windows and doors to create office partitions, protective covers for instruments and mechanisms, as well as skylights.

And that’s not all, because polycarbonate is actively used to create advertising stands for exhibitions, for registration of places of sales in trade, it and large format advertising light box, various signs, signboards, indicators, etc.

The construction market today is striking in its diversity, and plastic barrels food buy cheap and other products.

On the market is offered a very large selection of polycarbonate different manufacturers, each offering products claiming to its high quality and full compliance with the requirements of GOST.

Buyers claim that it is ultra high impact resistance, which material is resistant to various chemicals and can withstand temperature extremes, are not amenable to UV, no yellowing.

But as the buyer to understand in such a huge supply to choose quality polycarbonate and be confident in its quality?

The more that different quality of the material is a great similarity between them, but due to the high demand manufacturers afford to reduce production costs, and this automatically leads to loss of product quality.

Experts in this case, it is recommended to buy the products of well-known manufacturers who are known for their quality and reliability.

Such companies usually are not looking for the cheaper polycarbonate as more important than the years, created a reputation , and so can be safely attributed the Russian plant polialt that offers this material is from the brand SELLEX.

Polycarbonate SELLEX(Selex) has the following distinctive features:- high-grade material;- raw materials of the German concern BAYER — brand, proven over decades;- the lack of use of secondary raw materials, which improves the quality of the material;- is a complete protective layer against UV;- the presence of «Technical certificate», which facilitates coordination with regulatory authorities its application in construction.

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