Poisonous houseplants

poisonous plants - oleander

Very often the introduction to the wonderful world of indoor plants becomes a favorite activity for life.

However, not all novice growers think that many exotic and very beautiful flowers can represent a mortal danger to Pets and children, and in the case of careless handling may suffer and an adult.

We will talk about poisonous plants.

If you decide to contain the threat of the house of representatives of the plant world, it should be remembered that to put them out of reach for children and animals, little.

Some of the poisonous indoor plants, e.g. ficus, through the pores on the leaves can release dangerous substances which accumulate in the room air, especially in little ventilated rooms.

And sometimes people don’t even know where there are allergic reaction, malaise, headaches, etc.

So before you bring home any copies, be sure to read information about their content and toxicity.

Poisonous plants are divided into several groups dangers for animals and humans. Deadly, fatal to animals and cause severe poisoning in humans and low-risk.

Deadly flora: Allamanda, adenium, bomonti, Catharanthus, carrisa, mandevilla (diplodia), oleander, plumeria, pachypodium, strophantus, tabernaemontana and so on.

Don’t be surprised if some of these plants are in your home because of adenium and oleander are quite popular and loved by many gardeners.

In fact, all the parts, from the leaves and ending with the seeds of these plants contain poisonous components. Use caution when caring for them.

There are also low-toxic houseplants, mostly members of the family amaryllidaceae: Amaryllis, hymenocallis, haemanthus, gippeastrum, zephyranthes, crinum, clivia, nerine, eucharis and others.

A detailed description of all poisonous plants can be found in handbooks and encyclopedias. For many people, will be the opening of that favorite flower may carry health hazards, so conducting maintenance work for the plants, wear protective gloves and be extremely careful. After work wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

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