Podocarpus care at home


Podocarpus or nogoodnik – coniferous evergreen plant belonging to the family Podocarpaceae.

Representatives of the genus are trees or shrubs, reaching 12 metres tall in natural conditions.

In home maintenance, the plant is grown as bonsai, giving it the desired shape by trimming and using wire.

To grow and shape a beautiful bonsai is not difficult.

Podocarpus in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Podocarpus, as a representative of the tropical and subtropical regions, is very fond of bright light. You may even contact some of the direct rays of the sun. Place plant should be in a way that it is protected from drafts.


To create normal conditions of growth of podocarpus need the contents warm. Summer in the southern regions allowed removal of the plants to fresh air, you can take out to the country. In winter the temperature should not be below 13 degrees.

Watering and humidity

Podocarpus in the home need to be regularly watered, making sure not to dry the soil in the pot. Needs abundant watering in summer, winter is moderate.

If there has been a drying earthen coma, then the pot is placed in a container of water to saturate with moisture. Dry air is bad for the podocarpus, so every day should be to spray it.

Fertilizer podocarpus

Feed the plant in spring and autumn on 1 time with organic fertilizers. You can use fertilizer for bonsai.

Transplantation and propagation

Young specimens of podocarpus are transplanted each year, and the plants grow up again in 2-4 years. This procedure is carried out in the spring using planting soil reaction close to neutral.

At the time of transplant should be cut 1/3 of the root mass and plant in a pot larger than the previous one.

The plant can be propagated by cuttings and seeds. Cuttings are cut from woody shoots.

Rooting of podocarpus is difficult and requires the application of phytohormones. Needs constant lower heating clay and sand (1:2) substrate.

After the formation of roots the young trees transplanted in the spring by way of transfer to the pots. Sowing seeds is carried out immediately after harvest in a warm greenhouse. Before sowing them strategicgrowth.

Pests and fight with them

Podocarpus care at home

Podocarpus in the home is rarely affected by pests. However, it is unable to attack spider mites, thrips, and snails.

Found the snails are removed from the plants and destroyed, and on the surface of the soil in the pot is spread the snail pellets.

To get rid of spider mites you need to spray the plant acaricidal preparation.

And in the fight against thrips, will help the insecticide for General purposes.

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