Plumeria care at home


Plumeria belongs to the genus of tropical trees.

Common name is frangipani.

That was the name of the Italian nobleman who created a perfume using fragrances amazing plants.

The smell of the flower is able to change a variety of conditions even light, act on the plant, and it exudes the aroma of a different shade.

Plumeria does not contain nectar, the fruit inedible. The branches are thick, succulent, with large inflorescences at the tips. For indoor growing use only the form «P. Rumba».

Plumeria in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Flowers at home like a little diffused but bright light. It is better positioned on the southern and Eastern sides. The sun should light the plant more than 1/4 of the day.

With the acute shortage of light plumeria will throw the leaves lose decoration. Not likes flower drafts and precipitation.


Entire growing period plumeria need a fairly high temperature – about 30°C. in the autumn reduce the temperature, but in winter is not reduced below 16°C.

Especially need to make sure that was not the cold ground, otherwise the plant will die.

Humidity and watering

Watering plumeria at home spend as soon as on top of the ground dries up. To do this, use soft water, filtered, separated, which produce and spraying.

When watering and spraying should avoid contact with the water colors. The plant pot must have good drainage.

Fertilizer plumeria

As soon as you start to appear, new leaves, the plant should start to feed complex fertilizers. During the rest plumeria does not need fertilizer.

 Reproduction and transplantation

Transplanting is carried out only in early spring in a larger capacity. The plumeria is propagated by seeds and cuttings. Seeds more suited to the peat mixture.

Emerged seedlings seeds plumeria transplant when stronger root system. The young differ from the adult plant.

Cuttings, cut at an angle, is treated with a stimulator of root formation. The soil should be warmed to 28°C. On successful rooting show the leaves appeared.

Plumeria care at home

After coming out of hibernation plumeria in the home, pruning is carried out. Shaping the crown, you need to consider the appearance of flowers on the shoots this year.

Cut with a sharp instruments are treated with alcohol. Cut material can be used for breeding. Liberated juice is poisonous.

Pests plumeria

Affected by plumeria rust and spider mites. But she is poisonous enough to be affected by pests. Very often she copes with pests.

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