Plum is fit and particular care

drain - planting and care

For plum planting , select a well-lit place in the garden sheltered from the wind.

This tree is sensitive to strong winter frost and spring frosts.

But it is not picky about the types of soil and grows almost anywhere.

The best option for good growth and fruiting of the plum is not too wet close to the neutral structures of the soil.

The distance between trees in the row must be at least 2 metres. Drain can reproduce by seed, shoots, green cuttings, root cuttings.

Land drain better in the spring, so the ground was warm, and then the roots will be more active to settle down. But the landing pit to cook better in the fall.

The size of the pit should be at least 70 cm wide and 50 cm deep. Before planting in a hole you should pour half a bucket of compost, 600 grams of mineral fertilizers, a pound of wood ash. Then add and mix thoroughly.

I want to remind you that the roots may come in contact with mineral fertilizers. Otherwise it will cause root burns. Fill the hole two buckets of water and then plant the seedling.

Pit fall asleep fertile soil, good compression tree trunks and on top of a little mulching the soil with peat.

The root collar of the barrel definitely comes from the earth not less than 4 to 6 cm is a very important condition of correct landing plum.

Further care of the plum consists of sanitary trimming of branches, mulching the soil and watering. Loosen the circles of tree trunks suggest regularly during the summer and spring, and as regularly to weed them and the aisle.

To drain doesn’t hurt, and fruited as long as possible, you need to make in spring 11 – 15 kg of manure and compost, and in the fall to add to 30 grams of urea and 30-40 grams of wood ash. All this is to be paid under tree trunks.

For thinning of the crown carry out sanitary pruning diseased and weak branches. If you reduce the growth of branches to ten centimetres should do renewal pruning of the crown.

Usually the shoots are removed and used as new saplings, but if the tree was old and weak, stem shoots can be left to replace it in the future.

Plum in autumn it is necessary to bleach garden lime mortar to avoid any sun burns.

If the soil in your area is quite acidic, do not deny yourself the pleasure to eat plums from their own garden.

You only need in the autumn to scatter around the perimeter of the planned landing lime and dig up the ground.

But in any case do not make the lime in the planting hole! It can cause burns to the roots and death of the tree.

I cook not only from plum compote and plum jam, and marmalade, who loves my whole family.

To do this, remove the fruit, peel, remove the pits and place plums in a bowl for jam. Liberally pour on top of sugar(2-1,5 kg of sugar 1 kg plums).

Within 3-4 days prevaricate twice a day for 20-25 minutes and ostavlyaite to the side. After 7-8 such brews the finished marmalade.

Safely play it in the jars under the lid and slightly (a layer of one centimeter) sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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