Ploskorez Fokin – the ideal tool for soil

ploskorez Fokine

The main challenge for most gardeners to grow a good crop.

The results of the struggle for the germination of seeds of cultural plants and their further development, particularly noticeable since the second half of summer to late autumn.

Important role in farming played by the choice of garden tools for soil treatment, which is why this article is devoted to ploskorezy who found a lot of positive feedback among growers.

Cultivated plants are by nature weak, many of them difficult to deal with unfavourable external factors, and to resist weeds, disease and pests in General can unit.

First, we need to create favorable conditions for a friendly germination of seeds. For this you need to prepare a uniform at the same depth of the planting furrow.

It’s better the plane will perform. His blade easily immersed for 5 cm in depth, which allows for gentle loosening.

Shallow cultivation does not disturb the structure of the soil, thus enriching it with air and cuts the roots of weeds.

After sowing seeds, the cultivator will be useful to you again and again for loosening and weeding. With this garden tool handle 6 acres of land for a few hours, even an elderly person.

Changing the blade on a different angle and direction, you can perform many agricultural operations in the country:deep and shallow tillage, formation of beds, raking piles, cutting grooves, cutting of weeds, high and low hoeing, thinning crops, weeding beds, powder of seed crushing of earth clods, leveling the soil, weeding around the shrubs, mowing of weeds, pulling weeds by the roots, movement, spacing, raking cut grass, tedding, and so on.

If you decide to buy ploskorez Fokine, be careful in the sale there are many imitations made from low-grade steel.

Genuine quality cultivators must be stamped-the stamp of the club of organic farming.

In specialized stores customers are offered: a set of «Universal PF No. 2», «Universal PF No. 3» for heavy soil and the cultivator «Magesnik» high hilling ridges.

Separately sold by the stalk, with three holes that allow you to change the angle of the blade.

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