Platitserium (ploskirov) — care at home


Platitserium – a species of fern, for his breeding will need pieces of bark or in hanging baskets.

He looks very different from other ferns.

Plants have spore Vai, in appearance similar to the horns of a deer, and Vai, playing the role of the support on tree trunks.

Flower easily grown indoors, it will feel a hanging basket.

The leaves are gray-green, branched, length can reach 1 m.

Platitserium (Proskurov) in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

It is best for the cultivation of flower to pick a bright place, but that dark from the sun’s rays. The plant does not die and in darker places, but will be slowed growth and increases the risk of diseases.



Summer platitserium in the home is kept at a temperature of from 18 to 25°C, in winter the temperature should not fall below 15°C.

The ferns need some fresh air, but the choice of the location must be approached very seriously, because it can not tolerate drafts.

Watering and humidity

Watered by immersing the pot with a flower in a tray of water. The ferns need high humidity, but spraying should be abandoned.

It is highly recommended to wipe the leaves, as doing so may damage microbalance, which captured moisture from the air. To increase humidity can be by misting the air around the plant.


Fed platitserium a weak solution of fish emulsion. Fertilizer is applied to leaves twice or thrice a year. When processing is complete the leaves must be rinsed.

Some fertilize the fern banana peel. In fact, in the banana peel actually contains nutrients, but it is not the best way of fertilizer.

Transplantation and propagation of platitserium

Fern will require a transplant, when the drains will start to sprout roots.

Reproduction occurs via spores or rhizome division. Can be used for direct and side shoots which appear from plants.

Them carefully separated with a sharp knife and grown as a single flower. Reproduction of spores is very difficult at home. This type is most often used in the flower farms.

Platitserium (ploskirov) - care at home

Pests platitserium and fight with them

If the fern leaves appeared brown patches, leaving a sticky discharge, it means that the plant is affected by scale insects.

For pest control plant sprayed with insecticide solution.

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