Plants for hedges

And plants for isoplot

Every owner of a garden wants to make it beautiful and original.

An ordinary fence will not give it grandeur, and often ruins it, turning it into a gaudy fortress.

Much better to look hedge.

And it will only get better, while a simple fence will only deteriorate.

Plants for hedges

For the arrangement of hedges you need to find such plants that will be combined perfectly among themselves, to feel good about yourself in the garden, and should grow well in each type of soil.

As suitable options you can select such plants.

Barberry. This is a very beautiful shrub for hedges, especially in the spring when covered with bright yellow flowers. On the background of dark foliage, they look very nice.

Over time, these flowers are replaced by bright red berries, which, incidentally, fit for human consumption. Under appropriate conditions, the shrub can grow to a height of two meters and a half.

Kyzyl. Variation shiny, and pink felt. It is quite unpretentious and does not require special soil composition.

He enough grows well in areas with harsh winters, and excellent for hedges.

Hawthorn (sometimes pink and blood red). The shrubs are branched and have spikes, but because not every unwelcome guest will want to come to a living armor. Hawthorn grows quickly.

In the spring it is pleasing to the eye white, and summer at their place, ripe red berries that have medicinal properties. But hawthorn likes a lot of light, and therefore it can not be planted in shady areas.

Honeysuckle. The shrub can grow to a height of 4 meters. It can grow in very poor conditions. During flowering the plant is very beautiful, because it has flowers of exquisite colors.

The rose hips. Through wild rose bushes (hedges) it is impossible to pass. And its fruit is a real storehouse of vitamin C.

Privet has a very dense crown, which is useful for constructing hedges. The plant does not require much fertile soil, very good resistance to strong frost and thrives in the shade.

And plants for isoplot

The snowberry. The shrub is not very high, but has thick branches. But he is unpretentious to the growing conditions and soil composition.

But the drought is well tolerated. After spring pruning, the plant is covered with many young shoots.

Using each of these plants separately or combine them together, you can create beautiful, unique hedges are the envy of all others.

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