Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide at the cottage

plants and flowers for the Alpine slide for summer

Years pass, when vacationers were mainly engaged in cultivation of berries, vegetables and fruits.

Modern garden is increasingly different from the next, the original landscape design.

Almost every area there are flower beds, areas for recreation, children’s play areas.

Not far behind in this endeavor, the Alpine slide, which undoubtedly is a stunning composition, and an ornament to any garden.

Alpine hill at the dacha with his hands

Creating the Alpine slide at the cottage, you need to show a good imagination. Besides flowers and plants on the Alpine hillwill look much more beautiful than on a conventional bed.

To do the Alpine slide their handsunder the force of each gardener. Traditionally, in the middle of the track you can put a huge stone, it will symbolize the mountain peak. Around it at different distances stacked stones, granite, limestone and so on.

Not necessarily adhere to accurate copies of the Alpine mountains, the main thing that was beautiful. Flowers and plants for the Alpine slide, you can also pick up and drop off you like, not the ones that grow in the Alps.


Very good to create such a landscape on a Sunny, well-visible place, but at the same time protected from the wind.

Before you start work, decide the dimensions, draw a schematic layout of where to put what plants , and what flowers will grow on the Alpine hill.

On the designated areas, remove the sod layer of the earth, to a depth of 50-60cm please, from the roots, so that over time they sprouted and spoiled the whole look.

You can then fill drainage of broken bricks, gravel and sand, slightly compacted, and then the soil, to arrange the elements of the scenery and plant flowers and other plants.

Flowers and plants for the Alpine slides

These Alpine plants and flowers, are those which do grow in the high meadows of the Alps.

They are quite stable and stunted and do not exceed 20 cm in height. And all this because of the weather conditions they need to survive in strong winds, and under the thin snow layer in winter.

Growing on poor soil and bright sun, Alpine plants and flowers have a succulent appearance. Their leaves are small, in most cases, juicy, capable of accumulating moisture, and the stems form a dense

Alpine slide for the garden with their hands


So if you really want to grow cottage plants and flowers for the Alpine slide, taken from their homelands do not forget that they need good drainage, and very light soil with substantial additions of gravel.

After planting the plants and flowers over mulch land fine gravel with a thickness of 2 cm.

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