Planting seedlings of petunias

Planting petunias

Petunia enjoys a great love gardeners.

It serves as a wonderful decoration for the garden and on the balconies.

Very beautiful hanging pots with cascading luxuriously flowering plants.

To planting petunias did not disappoint, need a healthy viable seedlings.

For those who do not want to grow seedlings on their own, there is a great opportunity to buy it in stores.

To the summer in the sale of container seedlings often already flowering or dial color.

However, it is not cheap. A more budget option is obtaining seedlings of Petunia home.

To obtain flowering plants in June, sowing seeds is carried out in mid-February. Early planting petunias is particularly relevant for those who want to decorate a balcony or loggia beautiful suspended flower beds.

Due to the fact that the winter day is short, when the seedlings should be done additional lighting, that seedlings are not stretched due to insufficient light.

For dwarf varieties that require less time to build up the green mass, it is possible to fit at a later date.

The technology of growing

A substrate for future seedlings to better prepare in the autumn, mixing loose garden soil, humus and sand. Suitable soil bought at the store. The soil mixture should be neutral, as acidic soil Petunia does not like.

Containers for plants must be clean and pre-disinfected with potassium permanganate. You must make holes at the bottom of the container for draining excess water.

The lack of drainage threatens to acidification of soil and loss of seedlings.

On the bottom of the box poured gravel or expanded clay, then fill the box with potting compost. The day before sowing the land is being watered and lightly compacted with a wide plank.

Seed of Petunia size smaller than a poppy seed, so planting petunias made a superficial way. That is, the seeds are evenly dispersed on the entire area of the container, covering them with earth.

Then, using a spray gun, the sown surface is sprinkled with water.

The box closed with tape, which makes the vents. For seed germination requires light, heat, and moisture. With good quality seed seedlings emerge in seven to eight days.

Need to make sure that the soil surface was sufficiently wet. In the absence of moisture weak shoots quickly die. Grown seedlings are seated pots.

A few days after the pick plants fed complex fertilizers, designed for flowers.

Planting seedlings of petunias

Another way of sowing petunias — planting into the snow when in a container with substrate is put a layer of snow and compacted it. Distribute the seeds on the snow surface.

For this it is convenient to use the usual toothpick or a match. Then fit cover with glass or plastic film with holes.

If you are using glass, then move it a little to form a small gap between it and the wall of the box for air.

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