Planting radishes

planting radishes

Radishes — the earliest vegetables from the garden.

With the exception of vitamin C, a special wealth of nutrients and vitamins in the radish can not boast, however, contains trace elements (iron, boron, copper, iodine, vanadium).

Radishes favorite for the delicate, refreshing taste.

With proper cultivation, root crop which contains approximately 7% solids and the rest water. In cooking, used in salads and sandwiches.

Due to the low caloric content (20 kcal in 100 gr.) suitable for the diet. Radishes are not demanding to the climate, resistant to temperature reduction, the most comfortable feeling at 16-20°.

Grows well on fertile and heavy soil – is it easy medium loam. Not in need of liming and frequent fertilizing.

Before planting it is recommended to apply nitrogen fertilizers (5-7 gr. per sq. m.), it is undesirable to fertilize with fresh manure.

Cultivation of two years on the same place or after the «sister» of cabbage and radish – will reduce the quality and quantity of the harvest.

Place the radishes assign open and Sunny. The root is very demanding to moisture, in a drought are more susceptible to pests, acquires a bitter taste, quickly becomes overripe and crack.

Due to earliness and resistance to cold during the season you can grow 3 to 4 crops. In late February, the radishes are starting to be sown in greenhouses and greenhouses, and with the thawing and drying of the soil in the open ground.

This root vegetable is rarely grown as a monoculture and have time to harvest before planting and the strong growth in «core» residents of the garden beds.

Often radishes «o» cabbage, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers. Early shoots fast germinating radishes planted with carrots or onions, will serve as guides series, and will greatly facilitate the weeding.

In the open ground radishes are sown in mid-April. Before digging, garden shed hot water, make nitrogen fertilizers and humus.

Grooves for sowing seeds widen to 1.5-2 cm; the distance between the grooves is about 10 cm. the Seeds are rounded, quite large and convenient for planting individually.

In the groove, the seeds are put accurately, at a distance of 3-4 cm from each other. In the bed of seeds make both dry and pre-soaked in water (about 10 hours).

In open field crops covered with covering material or tape. Vegetation period depends on the variety and time of planting.

Radishes, sown in February – March will be ready in 35 days, sowing in mid-April — will allow you to eat root vegetable in 20 days.

When improper maintenance of the plant tend to strelkovanie, the root does not develop. To avoid the shooter should avoid drying of the soil and of density of crops and early harvest.

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