Planting pumpkin and care

Landing GarbuzMedicinal dietary product pumpkin grown by all gardeners.

And not only because of the useful properties of culture, but also for its unpretentiousness to growing conditions.

But agriculture still must adhere to obtain sufficiently high yields.

Preparation for planting pumpkins

Pumpkin melons should choose a spacious Sunny areas. But this does not mean that the pumpkin grows in the shade – just in the lack of light will be less fruit yield.

Culture fit loose neutral soil, but it is tolerant to the acidity. But planting pumpkins in waterlogged and heavy clay soils is a waste of time.

The soil under the plantation should be well fertilized pre – during autumn digging. Entered fertilizers and spring in each hole before planting seeds (for half a bucket of mix on 1 plant).

With this aim, take in equal parts mineral water and natural organic matter. In the Northern regions of the country, for example, the pumpkin is grown in a steam piles.

Planting pumpkins

In warm areas of the country, pumpkins are planted in the open ground from seed. It can be single or square planting method. But in any case, you need enough space for power plants, because the culture is well developed rhizome.

Therefore, every Bush, try to take at least six square meters.

Sometimes gardeners planted a pumpkin in the corn plots between rows. These 2 crops well next to each other. You can break the holes and along the fence if there is enough lighted place.

Care pumpkin

Planting pumpkins in the garden suggests further specific agricultural techniques aimed at higher yield.

  • Culture is not like Preobrazhenie, so water holes should be as drying of the soil.
  • But to feed the pumpkin will need 3 times: before budding (slurry), after the first 2 charges (ash or phosphorus and potassium fertilizer), during a mass harvest.
  • Obligatory topping of shoots on the Bush, after the formation of the 3rd fruit is the top of the main branch; on the side – when developed of 1 fruit.
  • Weeding and hoeing are carried out at the pumpkin area as needed.
  • But the fruits should be protected from intimate contact with the ground, suspending them or making them under the substrate.

Gardeners note

Landing Garbuz

To increase the yield of pumpkins in one original way – with the help of rooting cuttings. Under the whip, lying on the ground, fills the Cup with soil.

It-and bury part of the branch, securing with Bobby pins.

With abundant watering after 10 days there will be rooting. Trim a child of the Bush and transplant elsewhere (directly from glass).

This individual will provide a more bountiful harvest than the Bush grown from seed.

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