Planting potatoes — the success of the harvest


planting potatoes

The principle of planting potatoes is known to all, but to get a good harvest, it is necessary to conduct preparatory work.

In the autumn of place for planting dug to a depth of bayonet spade add ashes and dung.

Spring is not rotted manure can not add, can burn the root system.

Very well improves the fertility of the soil, sown in the autumn rye or other green manure plants.

In the spring she, along with the earth perekidyvaetsya. This vegetable loves heat, the optimum temperature of +15 ° C.

Planting potatoes in the cold ground is highly undesirable, can stop the growth of the root system, which will lead to a decrease in yield.

Seeds take away the middle, a little more eggs, at the rate of 380 plus or minus 20 tubers. If the seed potatoes large it needs to be cut into two or three parts.

The training is better to do beforehand, at least a week before planting to cut the tuber has been delayed. A month before planting, remove the seeds that have sprouted eyes.

Distance in the furrow between the seed 35cm, 70cm between the furrows. Planting depth is not

planting potatoes

exceed 10cm.

Also harvest depends on hilling. Spud potatoes are planted must be at least two times. First, when the tops will grow to 15cm, and the second two weeks after the first.

If at the end of may, early June, the tops already ascended, and there is a threat of frost, make hoeing and covered her.

Proper planting and good care will ensure you a good crop even on a small garden of your house.

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